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And We’ll Never Be Royals








I’ve finally adjusted to being back in school. My schedule is all over the place but I’m hanging in there. Also, I’m so done trying to figure out the weather. It’s been surprisingly hot out this week but I think it’s finally starting to cool down and stay that way.




Dress: Delia’s

Earrings: Vintage

This is one of my favorite dress for a million reasons. It’s in my favorite color, mint green, it’s got lace, the fit is really flattering on me, and I got it on sale! I still get plenty of lovely compliments whenever I wear it out. The earrings used to belong to my Mom.



Tights: Anthropologie

Shoes: Aldo

These ombre tights add a little bit of fun when combined with dresses and skirts. They only work with ankle boots or flats, anything a little higher defeats the purpose. These tights are also a constant reminder of how much I miss my discount. But I think I can finally say I’ve put the retail life behind me.


Watch: Fossil

Bag: Aldo

Leather goods from birthday presents past. I used to be nervous about mixing browns and blacks together but I think this works well together. This is definitely one of my favorite school bags. It perfectly fits everything I need and it’s adjustable too.



I’ve finally been able to visit all of my favorite local cafes this week. I had a study date with my friend Amber at Spot on Elmwood. I grabbed a pizza bagel, because they’re basically giant bagel bites. If you don’t enjoy bagel bites, I’m not sure if I can trust you. Amber bought me a belated birthday cupcake, how lovely! I picked out a pumpkin spice one.



My friend Samantha and I went over to Cafe Aroma because I had to do a people watching assignment for my acting class. Taking notes on people always makes me feel like such a creeper but it’s something I do on occasion while I’m out writing in public anyways. While being creeptastic,  I sipped on an iced vanilla coffee and of course got another cupcake, this one was vanilla.


Went on a bro-mantic date with Amber the following day and wound up at Cafe Aroma again. That’s the thing I love about that place, kills two birds with one stone. Grab coffee in the day time and then beers or wine at night. Autumn seasonal beers are the best in my opinion. This was a tasty little wheat pumpkin ale.


We ate at Towne in Allen afterwards. A bacon cheeseburger with fries for like $5, that barely exists anymore.



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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I enjoyed the random beautiful spring time weather we had over the weekend. I forgot that it was possible to step outside without a winter coat and giant scarf. It’s only Tuesday and it’s back to being cold,windy, and gloomy outside. Sigh.


Blazer: H&M

Sure my blog post title might lead you to believe that I saw Rihanna with the rest of Buffalo this past Friday – but I didn’t – I tricked you, ha! Instead, Jonathan and I saw Steve Rannazzisi aka Kevin from The League. For someone who doesn’t get football or fantasy football, I love this show.


Dress: ???

Necklace: H&M

I got this dress for Christmas from Jonathan’s mother. No idea where she got it or who made it but I love it because I love almost all LBDs. Pretty sure I bought the necklace on a whim because there was a 2 for 1 accessory promo or something. But I like paper cranes and origami, so it’s relevant at least?


Tights: Betsey Johnson

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Spiked Litas

Return of the Litas because it was finally nice enough outside for them to not get ruined by slush and salt. This was a poor choice because we had to walk farther than expected because everyone and their mother took every available parking spot in downtown Buffalo Friday night. Damn you Rihanna, damn you! At least I looked good?


Bag: Kate Spade

This lovely thing was 50% off. How could I not get it? It’s probably not meant to hold text books but I cram all of my stuff for school in it everyday without a care in the world because I love it so much. I need more Kate Spade in my life.



Nail polish: grey (sally hanson) pink (urban outfitters)

Ring: Tiffany and Co.

I haven’t done anything nice with my nails in awhile so I kept it simple and used to painter’s tape to make stripes. The ring was one of my Valentine’s Day presents from Jonathan. It’s kind of difficult to read but it says “I Love You” in script around the band. Totes presh am I right?!


Sunglasses: Ray Ban

It even sunny enough for me to need to wear my wayfarers. Is this real life? Side note, I’m long overdue for a bang touch up. These side swepts aren’t cutting it anymore.


Every restaurant in downtown was packed because of that damn Rihanna (I don’t hate Rihanna. I just hate stupid traffic, walking long distances, and not getting into restaurants). Soooo we had nothing better to do than hang out at the bar for over an hour.


Jack and cokes, amaretto sours, and white russians kept us amused until show time.


By some miracle I woke up before noon and baked Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffins which by another miracle I didn’t ruin.


I left all of my lighter leather jackets at my parent’s home in Syracuse because I’m an idiot. I did leave this super stylish raincoat behind at least.


Coat: H&M

I’ve always wanted one of those long raincoats. It’s perfect for those in-between seasons and looks so effortlessly elegant. I receive the nicest compliments on it when I wear it out.


Ugh ignore the shitty lighting and my lack of a left arm. I’m playing around with this self timer app on my iphone. I should start pan handling on the streets for a DSLR.


Dress: Urban Outfitters

Another Christmas present dress! One of my friends got me this a few years ago.


I cooked a whole meal Saturday night. For anyone who knows me well enough, this is incredibly unlike me and therefore a huge achievement. I googled some recipes on Pinterest and voila! I made cheddar and bacon mashed potatoes and baked chicken that I rolled around in some seasonings that I can’t remember. Not pictured here are my failed home made mozzarella sticks. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever created in my life. I bought a bottle of Barefoot pinot grigio which was delicious and surprisingly not entirely downed by me. Pretty sure I had 2.5 glasses while Jonathan drank the rest while I was enjoying one of the few meals I’ve successfully made.


This is my promo picture for The Real Housewives of Buffalo State.

lol but not really I’m just lame.

In an attempt to encourage me to start cooking real meals that aren’t from a box or the frozen food aisle, Flo (my mother) bought me the cutest apron ever. Yes I have a wine stopper that looks like a shoe. Guess all it takes for me to get in the kitchen are cute accessories and delicious wine.

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Some Nights

Consecutive posts within a 24 hour span can only mean one thing: I’m obviously playing catch up. Let me state that my foodie to fashionista ratio has been off the charts lately. I’m also getting lazy with these post titles. It’s basically whatever I happen to be listening to while writing this. ANYWAYS –

Went to wing fest this past weekend. Buuut I promised my friend at the Kandied Korn in Armory Square that my friends and I would drop by. Side note: Bobby is totes adorbs and you should all drop by and see him because he’s hilarious.

Apparently, popcorn can get pretty crazy. I think I sampled a little bit of everything. They have everything from crazy colored fruity popcorn to savory meal flavored popcorn. I didn’t think either of these things could be possible from popcorn. I got a bag of karamel and koffee and kream with sugar. The k’s aren’t a typo, they’re just adorable and spell things with k’s.

Wings from Schepp’s. I ate like 938783594 more. They were crazy salty, so if you’re into that go for it. I think they won best wings? I could be wrong, and if I’m wrong don’t kill me. P.S. $1 wings should exist outside of wingfest. Just sayin’

And here’s quick Celina fact: A big factor for me choosing to go to school in Buffalo was because of chicken wings and I’m not sorry to admit that. I love chicken wings that much. And I can’t wait to be back in Buffalo because of them (among other things, obviously.)

Chicken riggies from I have no idea what stand they came from because my friend bought me a cup of it and I was pretty gone at that point (take that into whatever context you want, that is all I will say…). I do remember that they were tasty, which is what matters most.

Wings from Limp Lizard. Possibly the hottest wings I think I’ve ever eaten. I took one bite and I think I cried a little bit. My lips literally went numb for a few minutes. I’ve never had to abandon a chicken wing in my life but it was just wayyy too much.

I forced my friends to try them to prove whether or not I was just being a little bitch but they were also dying along with me. Out of curiosity we asked what the fuck was in these. They wouldn’t tell us but it was a special recipe specifically created for wing fest. Well played Limp Lizard, well played indeed.

Annnd let’s take a quick break from food because I’m all caught up for now/remembered to take pictures of my clothes at this point/didn’t hate this outfit.

Dress – Top Shop

I bought this in Manila years ago before Top Shop existed in the U.S. Words cannot describe my love for Top Shop. Their petite section is an absolute life saver. The dress has a v-cut in the back which allows me to wear super cute bandeaus/bralets/etc. too!

Sandals – Aldo

Of course I thought it’d be a genius idea to walk into Aldo while they were having a bomb ass sale. 50% off on sandals? Last pair in my size? Shut up and take my money please! I needed a pair of black leather sandals anyways. I’ve literally been trying to wear them every single day since I’ve bought them just to get my money’s worth before autumn kicks in…

Necklace – Forever 21

You all know I’m obsessed with collars. How could I resist a collar necklace?!

I also got my back to school haircut. I told my hair lady to cut off enough so I wouldn’t have to get it cut for awhile. She cut it wayyy shorter than I planned but I still dig it! Hair grows back, it’s whatever. Rockin’ bangs forever and ever and ever.

But yeah, more food because why not. Went to Carrabba’s in Fayetteville with the parents and a family friend that day. I think this was Sicilian chicken soup.

I basically only order lobster ravioli whenever I go here. It’s not that the rest of their menu sucks or anything. It’s just that it’s so good that I don’t see the point in trying to order anything else. Maybe I will, some day.

Buuut my stomach is a freak of nature and I was still a bit hungry after dinner. So I made a solo sushi trip out to Ocean Sushi for some salmon nigiri and crab sticks. Slightly off topic but since Ocean Sushi’s in Liverpool I have a tendency of constantly running into people I went to from high school there during my solo sushi trips. It’s slightly awkward but hey haters gonna hate om nom noms gonna nom.

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All Adventurous Women Do

What I Wore:

If I have any followers left, I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in weeks! Hope you like my HBO GIRLS reference at least.

Dress: Forever 21

Fun fact – I wore this dress to my high school graduation! I can’t believe that was a little over 2 years ago already. Time flies while you’re growing up I suppose.

Tights – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Aldo

Why did I think it was a good idea to wear thick-ish tights in the summer? Oh yeah right, because they look good~

Collar – Modern Pop Culture

The detachable collar was a hit today at work! Fave compliment of the day is that I looked like a doll 🙂 I got a hair cut last week which means my hair only has a few more days of looking mega fancy. I think I’m getting better at this whole super high bun thing too.

No food pictures today. I gobbled my food down as soon as I went on break and didn’t get a chance to take a picture hahaha. So here have a semi-personal post instead!

Reasons/excuses/apologies as to why I haven’t posted much lately:

– Lost my ipod

– Found my ipod, lost my USB chord

– My Crackberry sucks at taking pictures

– I’m a lazy lazy lazy cat

In other news:

– I HAVE A JOB! I got my old job back (Sales Associate/Cashier at Forever 21)

– I have an Instagram account ( LinaBonBon) follow it if you want more pictures of what I wear, where I wear it, what I eat, who I eat with, or if you just think I’m cool as fuck and wanna know ever single detail of my life. If you feel that way follow me on Twitter and Tumblr too!

Love you babes ❤


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What The Frock

What I wore:

Channeling my inner Betty Draper from Mad Men. Specifically seasons 1 – 4 Betty. I do love fat Betty Francis though. I love Mad Men period – it’s taken over my life, and eventually my wardrobe (I’m already half way there!) I love Betty. She’s beautiful, sits around at home all day, has a killer wardrobe, birthed the sassiest future queen bitch ever Sally and was married to the beautiful Don Draper (I would cry myself to death if I ever come near Jon Hamm. He’s such a drop dead gorgeous fox.) Sadly the only things we have in common is that we sit around at home all day and love fashion. Okay I’ll stop ranting about my obsession with Mad Men for now.

Dress – Urban Outfitters

This was a Christmas gift from a few years back from a friend. Isn’t it lovely?! My only complaint is that fit is a bit off but I love it too much to bother getting it altered (and I’m still broke.) It’s honestly one of my favorite dresses.

Ignore my grr face and pay attention to the back of my dress reflected in the mirror.

Bathroom selfie because I wanted to show off the mesh collar.

What I drank:

You guessed it – Solo Starbucks date. Sippin’ on caramel macchiatos while on Tumblr filling out millions of job applications and working on my script. Luckily I ran into one of my old BFFs from high school and their significant other and we had an impromptu coffee date!

No photo worthy food today so here’s some art. I sit in the same corner every single solo Starbucks date and finally noticed the artwork behind me. Maybe I’ll start doing a “view from the corner” picture for all of my Starbucks adventures.

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You Only Live Once

What I Wore:

Monday afternoon adventures because I still haven’t found anything better to do with my summer yet.

Dress – Urban Outfitters

I got this simple white dress with lace on sale! It’s a great summer dress minus the fact that it’s incredibly see-through. I had to wear a pair of black shorts underneath to keep something left to the imagination. But I did remember to wear a bra with a cute print just in case.

Headband – Delia’s

I went through a phase all throughout high school where I was obsessed with headbands. More specifically, ones with bows. I’ve retired that trend and have moved on to other phases that I may question later on in life. This hand band still works because it looks like a tied scarf. Maybe I won’t have to swear off head bands for good.

What I ate/drank:

It was hot as a motherfucker on Monday. My friend Jocelyn and I headed over to Recess Coffee House & Roastery in Westcott for some iced coffee. I love that tons of my friends are living in Westcott for the summer. That means easy access to Recess, Alto Cinco, and Dorian’s for this lady!

We met up with our friend Dan and his grandma at Fifi’s ice cream in Eastwood. Dan’s grandma is the cutest and paid. The world needs more adorable grandmas. This was taken moments before it melted into a sad puddle. Red velvet seemed like an interesting flavor to try out. I’ve had red velvet cake ice cream once before (Ben & Jerry’s! so so so delish.) but this version was much sweeter.

Of course Joci would instagram me trying to eat this delicious hot mess of an ice cream cone. I’m rarely a klutz when it comes to food but I’m pretty sure everything went horribly wrong for me that day because I was dumb enough to wear all white. This is why I can’t have nice things. Hydrogen peroxide came to the rescue and saved my poor little white dress from obnoxious red stains!

Ended the night with a Tully’s date with Meg! Half priced Tully’s chicken tenders will be the death of me. I’ve been home for a month and this is the only time I’ve dropped by. I live less than 5 minutes away from one. Who am I?! I got so excited when they arrived to the table that it took me half way through the meal to realize I didn’t remember to take a picture of them. The appetizer portion is perfect for me since I usually get full quickly at restaurants. I wasn’t full but I took some home anyways because I love Tully’s tenders that fucking much.

Annnd YOLO spelled out in french fries brought to you by Megan because YOLO.

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