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Baby Come On Home



Went back home this past weekend for my best friend, Megan’s, baby shower. She’s due in November and having a baby girl! Aside from picking out the cutest baby shower theme ever, she chose the name Nora.

I’m so mad that I forgot to take a picture of the treat yo self kit I made for her! I made Meg some lavender scented bath bombs, they were pink and flower shaped. I also used washi tape to decorate a vanilla bean candle and a mason jar full of tea bags (they’re mom friendly, it seemed appropriate.) Seriously though, washi tape is my newest addiction. I’ve been decorating EVERYTHING with it lately. And I threw in a box of a peanut butter brownie mix, because why not? There was a cute little description in the card and I hid everything in the diaper bag I got for her. Seriously, can more people in my life get married or have kids or do anything that will allow  me to DIY until I die please?

If you’ve never had a cake from Wegman’s, you’re missing out. This one was a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and whipped cream frosting. I almost regret not getting a cake from there on my birthday, but this made up for it.




Look another form of cake! I believe the cupcakes were made by one of  Megan’s friends. On the left is lemonade, and on the right is raspberry almond. They were both delicious and it was difficult not to take all of these cute little owl boxes. Whoooo wants all of the cupcakes? Me.


My mom came along with me, her and I are an unbeatable force at baby and bridal showers. We somehow got talked into each getting blind folded while spoon feeding each other apple sauce. I got apple sauce stuck in places where apple sauce shouldn’t be. I don’t want to eat that stuff again for a very long time. Just give me more cake please.  Meg works at Starbucks, so I had no doubt that the prizes would be awesome.


Dress: thrifted, Amvets

Tights: Target

Shoes: thrifted, Amvets

I look like I’m about to start a 1970s folk band but I think that’s why I bought this dress in the first place. As adorable as it is, it somehow got torn at the seam in the front. It’ll be an easy fix but it was a little difficult to not make it look obvious while I was at the baby shower. The shoes need to be a little restored and cleaned a bit better, but again it won’t be too bad of a fix.




Aside from baby shower things, I also got to do some belated birthday things with my family, Jonathan, and my friends while I was home. After a quick wardrobe change, we had dinner at the new Texas de Brazil at carousel mall (I refuse to call it Destiny USA, okay.) Ever since Vegas, I’m totally obsessed with this concept. I was pretty impressed with the salad and soup bar selection. After filling up on salad, a little sushi, and lobster bisque, it was time for entrees. What’s not to love about people coming at you left and right with delicious meat on swords? It doesn’t take long to fill a plate up. I guess it could be a little overwhelming, there are lots of things to choose from and I definitely wish I tried everything offered. I don’t know why I thought I could finish an entire creme brulee on my own afterwards. I absolutely love cracking the caramel layer whenever I have one. Don’t order dessert based on amusement though.




Finished the night with Jonathan,a few friends, and some drinks. Bring on the girly moscato, tasty Southern Tier Pumpking beer on tap, and deliciously retro white russian cocktails! Started at Bittersweet and Al’s, obviously. Then went on the hunt for Pumpking which led us to J.Ryan’s.

I’m lucky enough to have a thoughtful family, boyfriend, and friends who all gave me a few birthday presents.



Soon to be mama Megan got me a pretty sweet iced tea collection from Teavana. On top of the tea I won at the shower, I should be all set on tea for awhile. Maybe I’ll spread the wealth and throw a tea party sometime this semester.


I love gift presentation almost as much as I love gifts! Fun fact, Jonathan wraps presents better than I do.


Leave it to Jonathan to incorporate Breaking Bad into this. Thanks Walt White/Heisenberg for the birthday wishes! Sadly, I don’t have a bathtub in my suite on campus, so I can’t test out these bath salts. I’ll have to wait until my next trip home to give them a go. I feel like I should probably watch Breaking Bad while soaking in a bath tub full of “meth” salts.

I’m also crazy about this sailor shirt from ModCloth! I love it to death and I know I could take it too literally if I don’t outfit this correctly. But, I think I’m okay with literally dressing like a sailor in public actually. He also threw in some cute little solid perfumes, one is French lilac scented and the other is Hawaiian guava.


Even if I wasn’t interning for them this semester, I’m pretty sure Jonathan would’ve given me something Buffalo Sabres related anyways. Besides, I look really great in blue and gold! Maybe I’ll make hockey chic a thing and write my final paper on it.


I’m really loving these Hunter boots too! Winter always destroys my poor defenseless leather boots. I’m hoping these will last better, and they’ll look great with my trench coat too. I’ve been having fun shopping around for welly socks too. Right now, I’m torn between the moss cable cuffs and the birds eye cuffs.


And then of course, my parents got me a few things. It’s safe to say that my mom wrapped these up. I got my gift presentation appreciation from her, along with her joy of picking out cards.


I’ve been in love with Honey by Marc Jacobs since I first tried it in Sephora. My bottle of Dot just ran out, so this gift came at a good time. It smells very similar to Dot, but you can definitely pick out the honey scent, which gives it a distinct sweetness. I know this is a strange way to describe smell, but there’s warmth to this fragrance. Maybe it’ll make sense if you spray it on for yourself.

My parents know I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan, so a bottle of Fame seems fitting. I’m not big on perfumes by celebrities, but this actually smells really nice. It has traces of honey as well. I’ll never understand how this black liquid sprays on clear. What black magic are they conjuring at Haus of Gaga?! Also, I’m not sure if it was supposed to be funny, but I thought the description was a little funny. “Tears of Belladonna” was first on the ingredients list. These are reasons why I love mother monster.

I also got another Fossil watch. It’s very similar to the black and gold one I wear a lot. It’s a nice casual counterpart, it’ll be a nice pop of color to add to certain outfits and it’ll look nice with any of my silver rings. I got a nice variety of new earrings too.



My parents also got me a brand new 50 mm F 1/8 lens! I’m absolutely in love with it so far. I decided to test it out on my favorite corgi, Aggie. She technically belongs to my mom’s boss and he leaves Aggie with her whenever they’re out of town. She spends so much time with my family that I consider her my dog too.

Even though I’ve been back in school for about three weeks, it was still  nice to go home for a little bit to see everyone and spend time at a few of my favorite places!


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Summertime Sadness

All good things must come to an end. Whenever pumpkin spice lattes and octoberfest beers are available, it’s safe to assume that it’s fall. I’m back in Buffalo (and my internet is FINALLY working!) and looking forward to what fall semester has in store for me. But for now, let’s take a look back at the final days of my summer vacation.






Bikini: Forever 21

Headband: American Apparel

I instantly fell for the vintage vibes of this bathing suit when I first saw it. The only downfall is the awkward tan lines, especially if you’re like me and have a million different bathing suits.







Aside from the gorgeous beaches and ocean waves, I miss Cape Cod’s yummy cheap seafood. I don’t think I could ever get sick of lobster rolls. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that a lobster meal for two cost $25, and that was at a random pit stop. Provincetown also some pretty delish salt water taffy. My favorite flavors were rumbutter, watermelon, and maple.


More back tracking, but I forgot to include this in my Boston post. Wired Puppy has some pretty awesome drinks. I’m pretty sure I ordered an iced peanut butter latte here.




Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Top: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Aldo

My last week or so consisted of many date nights – romantic, friends, family, etc. at some of my favorite places.



My last trio of Cafe Kubal macarons. I had blueberry, lemon raspberry, and brownie flavored ones. I’m already going through withdrawals, so if anyone knows where I can get my macaron fix in Buffalo puh-leaseeee let me know!



I wish Insomnia Cookies existed near my school. My daily diet would only consist of snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies. Also, this cookie cake is hilariously relevant. Props to Insomnia Cookies for the Billy Madison reference.


Jonathan claims that the chicken tenders at Varsity are the best in town. They are tasty. But, Tully’s tenders are just wonderful. What do you guys think? To be honest, I forget that Varsity even has food that isn’t pizza.


Who would I be if I didn’t have a last meal at Dinosaur BBQ? I feel like I’m boring for always ordering a pulled pork sandwich and mac and cheese. I can’t resist, they’re just good. I’d gladly eat everything else on the menu too. I didn’t think that I’d be excited for a Dinosaur BBQ coming to Buffalo, but I’m like 110% pumped.


I didn’t discover the magic of Boom Boom Mex Mex until I started dating Jonathan. For those of you who don’t know, it’s in this weird part of Camillus and it’s only open seasonally. When it gets too cold, they pack up and head south of the border to Mexico. Like that’s how legit this Mexican food is. For some reason these are the messiest quesedillas I’ve ever dealt with but they’re so worth it. The guacamole is pretty perfect too.



Jonathan used his fancy SU Alumni status to get us into the Dave & Buster’s VIP opening night. Maybe I should’ve gone to SU too, Otto and I look adorable together!



Gotta love the fancy flair bartender. Not quite sure what the rainbow fruity mystery shots were supposed to be but they were pretty and pretty delicious.


Dress: H&M

Shoes: Nasty Gal

Purse: Coach (vintage)


I’m so in love with my new glasses. They’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. I got lucky and they happened to be at my optometrist’s. I’m one huge step closer to looking like I walked straight out of Mad Men. And don’t let the picture fool you, all of those tickets still couldn’t get us anything too fancy.



Later that week, we went out to dinner with my parents to Pastabilities for a last meal and as a congratulation meal (I’ll tell you about that later!). I always underestimate how spicy everything is. I’m usually not one for spicy foods but chicken riggies would taste weird if they weren’t.


I also soaked up as many solo cafe dates too. This was around my neighborhood at Cafe 407. Fall fashion magazines are also another indicator that summer is over. The September issue will always be intimidating.







Top: Urban Outfitters

The New York State Fair is always the very last thing I do before I head back to school. Yes it’s the same damn thing every year, but that’s why I like it I suppose. I can always rely on the fact that the $1 baked potato line will be ridiculously long. Weird things will be deep fried. Wine slushies will be awesome. Animals will be adorable. Etc. etc. etc. This is the only time I’ll drink whole milk. It’s fresh chocolate milk, I’ll force my stomach to deal. I usually save fried dough for right before I leave so I have something to snack on during the excruciating ordeal of trying to leave the fairgrounds.



It’s been a solid summer to say the least. Sadly, this was possibly my last legitimate summer vacation EVER. Welcome to the adult life. For anyone who’s interested, I’ve got some pretty exciting things coming up this semester. My senior year at Buffalo State should be interesting to say the least. I have an internship lined up with the Buffalo Sabres that I’m beyond excited for! I’m also (sort of) getting back into journalism, but as a photographer this time around. Fear not, being back in school just means that I’ll have plenty more outfits to show off. I’ll always be writing, eating, drinking, taking photos, and exploring. I sincerely hope you all continue to follow my adventures now that I’m back in Buffalo!


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We Can’t Stop

My lovely friend from Buffalo, Matt, decided to grace me with his presence this past weekend. He’s half Filipino (and single fellas, wiiiiink.), which meant my mother stuffed him full with as much home cooked Filipino food as possible. When my mother was plotting how to adopt Matt and send me to a planet far far away wasn’t trying to feed us until we died of delicious-ness, I took him to all of my favorite places to eat and drink. Honestly, if you’re ever in Syracuse get a hold of me. I absolutely love showing people around! I should start my own Syracuse tour full of historical facts, yummy trendy places, and sass.



The first place I took him to was Roji. We shared cupcakes and onigiri while sippin’ on some boba.


By some divine miracle, all of my best friends from high school came home to visit as well! We all went out for breakfast at B’ville Diner for old times sake. Which is kinda weird considering we only ever ate there past 10pm. Diners are crazy packed in the day time in case anyone was wondering, which helped keep me awake because I probably would’ve fallen asleep face first into my feta and broccoli omelette.


Afterwards, Matt and I dropped by Cafe Kubal to snack on some macarons. I love these tiny cute lil’ things! We got to eat almond, chocolate raspberry, and salted caramel flavored ones. I savored each and every single flavor. If you don’t feel fancy or adorable while eating a macaron, then you’re not eating it correctly.





We were supposed to take pictures at the park…until it decided to downpour all afternoon. Luckily, we were able to visit the Palace Theater. Okay it’s safe to say that Matt is definitely fiercer than me and most people that exist in general.


And then you all have to deal with my derpy self. But that’s why you all keep coming back, right?


Top: H&M

Denim: Mod Cloth

Boots: Aldo

I really wanted to do a beehive or victory curls with this outfit that day, but I’m extremely lazy when it comes to doing anything remotely fancy with my hair. Top knot to the rescue, as always. I’m completely in love with my shirt’s print, I snagged it during one of H&M bogo sales. “I’m really glad that shirt looks better on you than it did on the hanger” said my mother as I was getting ready that day. Sometimes, I know what I’m talking about. Also, I’ve never been more in love with a pair of pants in my life. These high wasted jeans do wonders for me! Anything that makes my little legs look fantastic is definitely a keeper. Excuse me while I slowly convert all of my pants into high wasted pants.


No Syracuse tour, by me at least, is complete until there’s a trip to Sakana Ya. Surprised Matt didn’t die from a sushi coma on half off Monday. This heart shaped number has been one of my new favorites.


The last place I took him to eat was Crepe & Gelato Boulevard for afternoon crepes.



Instagramin’ everything. He got a nutella, strawberry, and whipped cream crepe with a side of strawberry cheesecake gelato.


I decided to switch it up and try out a savory crepe. I had ham, cheese, and egg crepe. Apparently, they cooked it up French style so the egg was a little runny, which I had no problems with whatsoever. Crepe coma multiplied by 10.



Tank top: H&M

Denim: Delia’s

Shoes: Sperry

Necklace: H&M

Watch: Fossil

Purse: Coach

I finally own boat shoes! I was in desperate need of some cute casual shoes. Jonathan got them for me for our 1 year anniversary a few weeks ago. He had to send the first pair back because he didn’t realize just how itty bitty my feet are. After 2 weeks worth of waiting for an itty bittier size, I’ve been wearing them non stop. I’m trying to break them in before our Boston getaway. And pink boat shoes are just the cutest things ever.


Places I wish I got to take him but didn’t have time to:

Dinosaur BBQ



Funk N Waffles

Various bars

And I’m probably still drawing some blanks. It was a blast spending time with his hilarious fierce self, obviously my mother failed at trying to adopt him so he had to go back home.You will all probably see more of him throughout my blog when I make my return to Buffalo in 3 weeks. In the mean time, you’ll just have to deal with my derpy awkward self. Oh the agony.



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Food Festival Weekend


This year Greek Fest and Taste of Syracuse fell on the same weekend. I missed out on all of the food festivals last year because I was still recuperating from getting my wisdom teeth pulled out aka hiding my gross swollen face from society. I definitely made up for last year’s lost and had great time despite the gloomy weather. Day 1 was spent at Greek Fest, which was also my first time ever going.


My food fest buddies for the entire weekend were my boyfriend Jonathan and his friend Dan! Fun fact, Jonathan’s half Greek. Therefore us winding up at Greek fest.


We drank maybe 3 bottles of this Greek wine.



We also sat at the table right in front of the wine booth because we’re efficient.

Shirt: H&M

Pants: H&M

Belt: Target

Necklace: Forever 21




Meanwhile, more vino and more finger pointing at my camera…


Aside from some strong Greek wine, I basically lived off of lamb souvlaki that evening. Flo’s a huge fan of Greek food so I brought her home a gyro, dolomades, and an assortment of Greek pastries. The only one I knew was baklava. I was hoping there’d be some leftovers when I came home, but they were devoured the second I dropped them off.


So, I ate honey puffs for the first time. Honey puffs, or loukoumades, are fried balls soaked in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and possibly crack and magic. According to Ancient Greek Mythology, they were created by the Greek Gods for lavish parties and to rain from the sky to mess with mortals. It’s also been said that they are the source behind John Stamos’ everlasting youth.

*that last paragraph is totally untrue, except for the fact that honey puffs are insanely delicious. If you thought any of that was true, you need to look at your life.



Sweater: Topshop

Spent day 2 at Taste of Syracuse with the same crew from yesterday plus these lovely ladies, Julia and Alexa! The weather was still lame and gloomy so I just threw on a sweater, leggings, and boots to keep it comfy and sensible. I actually don’t regret this.


Jonathan is all about the bang bang shrimp from Bonefish Grill. I’ll admit, they’re tasty. I’m pretty sure we stood in line 3 times for shrimp.


My usual strategy for Taste of Syracuse is to buy $1 samples from a ton of places and make that my dinner. Of course I got a cup of chicken riggies. They’re tasty and fun to say.


I also drank a ton of wine slushies. 20 ounces of pure wonderfulness! If anyone saw or ran into me at any point during Taste of Syracuse that night I might’ve been drunk. Not like “crazy wasted stumbly pukey why are you even out in public” drunk, but like “lol wow I love wine slushies and everything’s hilarious but I remember absolutely everything” kind of drunk. The only downfall to drinking at festivals like this is the lack of comfortable bathrooms. Wine slushies are worth the slight awkward discomfort though.

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Sweater Weather


Umbrella: Clutch

Bag: Aldo

I’m wearing a sweater in June. This upsets me. I’m not upset about being able to use my adorable bubble umbrella though. It’s been through some rough times in Buffalo so it’s a little banged up. Still adorable and still keeps me and my personal bubble dry. I spent this rainy day planning and re-writing this novel I’ve been on again off again working on over the past few years. Rainy days just force you to stay in and get shit done. I was on my way to a cafe to get shit done, because you might as well treat yourself while you’re being productive right. I ended up rewarding myself with a diner date with some friends afterwards. Double score.


Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Leggings: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Aldo

Alright, time for a little anecdote. When I was a fashion design minor for barely a semester at Buff State, we had to go around and ask people what trends were in/out for the season. The girl next to me asked me and I said something along the lines of “floral prints really aren’t too original for spring, but I personally like them anyways.” Next class I was feeling lazy so I threw on a pair of floral print leggings. This girl has the nerve to call me out on this fashion “faux pas” in front of the entire class. We all just looked at her like she was bat shit crazy, because that was a bat shit crazy thing to say to another human being. I honestly don’t care if floral prints are out, I like them okay. And that’s my favorite story from when I was a fashion student for literally 10 seconds. I really hope my friends from that class are reading this and still find it just as I do.

As Meryl Streep said in The Devil Wears Prada “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

As I say all the time “I like floral prints and choose to allow them to take up 40% of my wardrobe because long hair don’t care.”


This is currently my favorite sweater because it’s a size too big on me which makes it extra cozy and it has adorable elbow patches. It was one of those items that sold out really quickly during the holiday season, then a customer returned one of them 2 months later and it was marked down to like a fraction of the original price.


Earrings: Topshop

My fox earrings were another good sale find, I think I got this pair in while I was in Las Vegas. I love adding to my quirky jewelry collection. If it’s an animal or a miniature version of a small item, I’ll probably wear it around my neck or dangling from my ears. On my fingers and around my wrist if I’m lucky and it’s a piece of jewelry that will fit my twiggy limbs.

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Black Widow


Grabbed lunch with the boyfriend at Cafe 407 before he had to work yesterday. This is one of the rare occasions I actually eat food there. The coffee alone keeps me coming back. I got a blue cheese BLT and a salad. Jonathan says it’s not a panini, but I say it is. I mostly think this because I like the word panini. Pah-nee-nee. Anyways, it was tasty and filling.


I was absolutely starving after this open mic night I took pictures for last night so my friend and I wandered around downtown. Unfortunately nothing is open late around here ever, especially on a weeknight. Except for Pita Pit! This right here is my first pita. And now I’m obsessed. Pitas are basically Greek burritos right? I didn’t get anything too crazy. Just ham, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, and ranch. I also get these ingredients in a sub sometimes. Wait does that make pitas Greek subs now? Greek subrito? I don’t even know. I just know that pitas are totes delish.



I ventured out to Franklin Square Park because I’ve never been. It’s not too far from where I live so I plan on visiting more often because I think it’s absolutely lovely.


Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: H&M

Scored both of these on sale! I was really unsure about the skirt at first, I thought it’d be cuter longer (I still do). Until I tried it on and loved how it looked on me. My only problem with it is that the slip that it came with rides up sometimes so I constantly have to pay attention to it. Other than that, it’s a fun and flowy skirt.


Ring: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

I bought these shoes a few years ago at the Forever 21 in SoHo because shoes there rarely come in my size. They’re a half size bigger but I stuck some terry cloth insoles into them and that did the trick. They’re not the most comfortable pair I own but that’s probably because I strap them on too tight but they’re manageable to walk around in. Besides, I love being taller. I don’t wear heels as often as I used to, I should get back into that again.

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Sight Of The Sun

My summer is still uneventful. Relaxing, but I’m bored to death. Job hunts are exhausting, so I took a break and finally go around to some summer reading. In case anyone’s curious, I really like this book so far and I plan on reading more Haruki Murakami once I’m done with 10Q4! This is one of the few times I’m not gulping a hazelnut macchiato and chomping on a bacon and gouda sandwich while writing. I need to find something productive to do immediately other than eat and lollygag.

I’ve finally done it! I’ve finally become a giant! Just kidding, I actually have a shrink ray and I’ve been having a great time shrinking everything. Just kidding, my gelato came with a little baby cone and I’m just the biggest dork ever. I stumbled into Gelato and Crepe Blvd again and decided to give their gelato a try. I’ve never heard of stracciatella in my life but the little picture on it had chocolate and a pitcher of milk on it, I like both of these things. The internet told me that it’s like American chocolate chip ice cream, except the little bits of chocolate are much finer in the gelato. Also, don’t be fooled by the size of the cups they give you. I thought the small would be too small but they pack those cups as much they possibly can. I also just really dig these baby cones.




Top: Urban Outfitters

Pants: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: Banana Republic



My hair is finally long enough to put it up into an obnoxiously large bun without trying! I do miss my straight across bangs. SOMEONE HIRE ME SO I CAN HAVE NICE BANGS AND THINGS AGAIN!



June 4, 2013 · 1:59 PM