Nautical Nonsense

This past Friday was a pretty successful girl’s night out in my opinion.


Shirt: ModCloth

Pants: ModCloth

If you’ve been following me for awhile, it’s no surprise that I love anything and everything nautical related. I couldn’t resist pairing these two items together. With the current skirt collection I have, it just didn’t look good with any of them. Plus, if I threw a skirt on, I’d run the risk of looking like Sailor Moon – which I don’t think I have a full on problem with. Guess I’ve got a new reason to buy a pleated school girl-esque skirt now! I threw a sweater over my blouse during class in order to not look too costume-y. Again, I don’t think I really have any problems with looking like a cartoon character.



I got a VIP invite to the grand opening of Blush on Elmwood and had a lovely time. It was a great combination of everything I like: snacks, alcohol, and shopping. Why wouldn’t I attend this event?


Judging by this collection of quotes located in the store, I can tell I already like this place a ton.



Afterwards, I met up with some lady friends at Don Tequila for drinks and food. Nachos and quesedillas just taste better with margaritas. We ordered a pitcher full of raspberry margaritas. I hate tequila, I’ll only accept it in the form of a margarita. We ordered a pitcher of frozen margaritas too which were totes delish, from what I remember at least.

The following pictures were taken by Donald Schwartz. Go check out the rest of his stuff, I think his photos are pretty neat-o.


Seriously how cute is this boutique?!


My usual habitat at any party: the snack table.


Photographed with the fiercely dressed owner of Blush, Lexie!


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