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And We’ll Never Be Royals








I’ve finally adjusted to being back in school. My schedule is all over the place but I’m hanging in there. Also, I’m so done trying to figure out the weather. It’s been surprisingly hot out this week but I think it’s finally starting to cool down and stay that way.




Dress: Delia’s

Earrings: Vintage

This is one of my favorite dress for a million reasons. It’s in my favorite color, mint green, it’s got lace, the fit is really flattering on me, and I got it on sale! I still get plenty of lovely compliments whenever I wear it out. The earrings used to belong to my Mom.



Tights: Anthropologie

Shoes: Aldo

These ombre tights add a little bit of fun when combined with dresses and skirts. They only work with ankle boots or flats, anything a little higher defeats the purpose. These tights are also a constant reminder of how much I miss my discount. But I think I can finally say I’ve put the retail life behind me.


Watch: Fossil

Bag: Aldo

Leather goods from birthday presents past. I used to be nervous about mixing browns and blacks together but I think this works well together. This is definitely one of my favorite school bags. It perfectly fits everything I need and it’s adjustable too.



I’ve finally been able to visit all of my favorite local cafes this week. I had a study date with my friend Amber at Spot on Elmwood. I grabbed a pizza bagel, because they’re basically giant bagel bites. If you don’t enjoy bagel bites, I’m not sure if I can trust you. Amber bought me a belated birthday cupcake, how lovely! I picked out a pumpkin spice one.



My friend Samantha and I went over to Cafe Aroma because I had to do a people watching assignment for my acting class. Taking notes on people always makes me feel like such a creeper but it’s something I do on occasion while I’m out writing in public anyways. While being creeptastic,  I sipped on an iced vanilla coffee and of course got another cupcake, this one was vanilla.


Went on a bro-mantic date with Amber the following day and wound up at Cafe Aroma again. That’s the thing I love about that place, kills two birds with one stone. Grab coffee in the day time and then beers or wine at night. Autumn seasonal beers are the best in my opinion. This was a tasty little wheat pumpkin ale.


We ate at Towne in Allen afterwards. A bacon cheeseburger with fries for like $5, that barely exists anymore.



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Feelin’ 22

I turned 22 on September 9! My birthday fell on a Monday this year, so I celebrated all weekend of course. I’m surprised no one has tried to strangle me because I’ve been blasting 22 by Taylor Swift for several days.


Kicked off the birthday weekend by going out to sushi with my friend Matt (yes the one from my We Can’t Stop post) at Kuni’s. This photo was taken moments before a swarm of wasps attacked us. I had to abandon one piece of my tuna roll because a wasp decided to snuggle with it. *sigh* Shout out to our server for being lovely and helping us move inside. Luckily, it’s adorable, cozy, and insect free inside. This is my go-to sushi place when I’m feeling a little fancy but can’t spend too much. This is also the only place I know of so far in Buffalo that serves Koshu. If you’re into plum wine, give it a shot. And if you’re not, but like sweeter wines in general then you should try it too. It’s definitely my favorite one so far.


Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Modcloth

I came back to my suite with more wine waiting for me. My roomies get me obviously.




Dress: Nasty Gal

Shoes: Forever 21

I love this dress to death! The last time I wore it was to a wedding last year. It’s gorgeous but I don’t have too many opportunities to wear it out. I figured a birthday outing was a perfect occasion. The only thing I hate about it is that I have to wear a bandeau underneath. As pretty as the lace is, it’s quite revealing. The first time I wore it I tried fashion tape and a black backless bra. It was uncomfortable and I was checking for wardrobe malfunctions every two seconds.

I recently learned how to do beehives. They’re incredibly easy to do and make any outfit look instantly vintage. Unfortunately, my hair did not remain this cute the entire night. I literally had to run to catch a bus. I gave up and threw it up into a bun. I sacrificed my hair for an extra half hour worth of drinking. If running in heels were an olympic sport, I’d make the American team without a doubt.


Cantina Loco was the meeting spot because it’s right across from the bus stop and my legs still felt like death after running. I refused to walk any further until I had a drink. I should have stuck to with go-to, amaretto sours, because this drink right here was deceiving. You’d think something called a cactus berry (or was it berry cactus?) would be sweet and fruity but this just tasted like tequila. I am emotionally damaged thanks to tequila. I’d rather not talk about that night ever again. However I do appreciate this adorable cactus glass. I eventually washed it down with some Southern Tier Pumpking beer. Which reminds me, I need to go stock up on that stuff. I wish I could remember what else I had to drink that night, I hope I made good choices. That can also be said for whatever sort of shenanigans I got myself into. I have lovely friends who were good sports and dealt with my weirdness all night. It helped that they were probably entertained by it as well. I don’t think it’s possible for me to have a normal night out whenever I’m around Allen.




Dress: Forever 21

Boots: Aldo

Believe it or not, Jonathan actually picked this dress out for me! It was part of my anniversary present in July. Embellished collar and floral print, he’s been paying close attention for the past year. The next day was full of recovery and food with more friends. We some how wound up at Panera and Matt was lovely enough to let me pick out a pastry. I got a seasonal apple flavored one. I should drop out of school to pursue a career as a muffin model.


I wanted to do a birthday dinner at first, buuut remembered that I’m broke. So I went out for some frozen yogurt with a few friends instead. We went to White Rabbit on Elmwood. It was my first time in there. The upstairs seating area is adorable and surprisingly spacious. Read the frozen yogurt facts posted on the wall, they’re educational and a little funny. I had the birthday cake flavor. I went a little crazy and piled on lots of nutella, m&ms, rainbow sprinkles, and mochi. I’m not sure if any of these flavors compliment each other but it tasted awesome. Much love to my friend Rishaya for being a doll and paying for my froyo masterpiece!




Sweater: Thrifted, Amvets

Top: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: Thrifted, Amvets

Boots: Aldo

At last, the actual birthday outfit. I got so many lovely compliments on it throughout the day, which made it that much better. This sweater was much baggier and looser until I stuck it in the dryer. I never get upset when my clothes shrink while I do laundry because they usually end up fitting me better. I didn’t have to adjust the hemline of this skirt at all either. Finding maxis already at a perfect length is a shorty struggle. It’s a little loose at the waist which made my crop top a little obvious at times. Give me a break, an occasional bare midriff plus a blanket sweater and a maxi skirt should be acceptable, right? My hair was much cuter when I first did it that morning. It’s difficult for my hair to hold curls for a very long time since it is pin straight and fine.


Proof my hair was adorable at some point on my birthday! Anyone who follows me on Instagram (and if you don’t, the photos under “click, flash” should lead you to my account) knows that I abuse the A Beautiful Mess app. I can’t help myself, it’s beyond adorable! I’m also an avid reader of the blog.


Right after my first class ended, I received an adorable flower arrangement from Jonathan! Out of all of the one’s he has sent me, this one takes the cake. It doesn’t get more precious than a bouquet in a tea cup.


My friends are fully aware of my love for cats. My friends are also fully aware of my love for writing. I’ve received so many pretty journals throughout the years. And yes, I do use them!


Aside from my birthday falling on a buzzkilling weekday, Mondays are also my busiest school days. I thought about getting a cupcake from Firefly all day. I went with their ‘nilla birthday cake flavor, for obvious reasons. And then I decided I couldn’t devour this without wine. I was on the hunt for the girliest pinkest wine. Would any of you honestly expect anything else from me? An employee handed Barefoot Refresh, Perfectly Pink to me because I told her I was a fan of their pink moscato (which they were unfortunately sold out of) It tastes pretty similar, but it’s a little bubbly. Party cake ice cream has been a favorite of mine since high school. It has birthday cake batter flavored ice cream, cake bits, and frosting swirls. I can be extremely childish when it comes to my dessert choices sometimes.

So, let’s re-cap birthday weekend round 1 with some of the lyrics from 22:

– It was indeed a perfect night to dress up like hipsters. I don’t think that I dressed like one, but there were plenty of hipsters spottings around Allen. No surprises there.

– At least one ex was made fun of.

– I wish I had breakfast at midnight. No one wanted to take me to Denny’s to get my free grand slam.

– After enough drinks I was happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.

– Places did get too crowded due to too many cool kids trying to get their drink on.

– Everything was alright if you were right next to me or kept dancing like you were 22. ooh-ooh

– If you didn’t already know, I am definitely feeling 22.

Thank you to everyone who made my weekend and birthday extra special. I absolutely love each and every single one of you. Cheers to another year of being a twenty-something!

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Eisley in Rochester

My friend Marie and I made a mini road trip out to Rochester last night to see Eisley perform at Water Street Music Hall. They’re one of my favorite bands of all time, I’ve loved them ever since the first time I heard Trolleywood from their Room Noises album when I was in middle school. Their music means a lot to me and always will. Say Anything was headlining, I couldn’t get a decent picture because being 4’10” at shows with lots of bouncing around makes that rather difficult at times. But they were excellent and are tons of fun live. I’m also just forever obsessed with how cute Sherri DuPree, Max Bemis, and their little baby Lucy are. I’d love to see Eisley perform again and hopefully meet them eventually if I’m ever lucky enough.




Dress: H&M

Boots: Aldo

I am completely obsessed with the silhouette of this dress and the crochet. It was one of those random “try it on because why not” sort of things and then I fell in love with it. I think it has a late 60s/early 70s vibe to it in my opinion.  And we all know how I feel about the 60s. I could almost pass as an extra in season 6 of Mad Men. Only in my dreams.




Headband: Modern Pop Culture

Necklace: H&M

Nail Polish: Pink Bliss Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro, Spark-tacular top coat Sephora by OPI, Matte top coat Sephora by OPI

Decided to complete the boho chic look with a floral headband. They’re new at the store so I figured I’d test them out at the show. They lasted me until after 3 Say Anything songs. Then I had to tuck them away in my purse to play it safe. I have a tiny little head so but the grippies on the inside stuck to my hair without ruining my curly locks. This is also one of my favorite nail polish combos, matte baby pink with rainbow glitter. Glitter topcoats add a little excitement to neutral colors and I like to put a matte coat to create a more subtle sparkle.


Taking advantage of unemployment by learning how to levitate.

Nope, I was just experimenting with shutter speeds and I happen to be the biggest dork ever.

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Sweater Weather


Umbrella: Clutch

Bag: Aldo

I’m wearing a sweater in June. This upsets me. I’m not upset about being able to use my adorable bubble umbrella though. It’s been through some rough times in Buffalo so it’s a little banged up. Still adorable and still keeps me and my personal bubble dry. I spent this rainy day planning and re-writing this novel I’ve been on again off again working on over the past few years. Rainy days just force you to stay in and get shit done. I was on my way to a cafe to get shit done, because you might as well treat yourself while you’re being productive right. I ended up rewarding myself with a diner date with some friends afterwards. Double score.


Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Leggings: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Aldo

Alright, time for a little anecdote. When I was a fashion design minor for barely a semester at Buff State, we had to go around and ask people what trends were in/out for the season. The girl next to me asked me and I said something along the lines of “floral prints really aren’t too original for spring, but I personally like them anyways.” Next class I was feeling lazy so I threw on a pair of floral print leggings. This girl has the nerve to call me out on this fashion “faux pas” in front of the entire class. We all just looked at her like she was bat shit crazy, because that was a bat shit crazy thing to say to another human being. I honestly don’t care if floral prints are out, I like them okay. And that’s my favorite story from when I was a fashion student for literally 10 seconds. I really hope my friends from that class are reading this and still find it just as I do.

As Meryl Streep said in The Devil Wears Prada “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

As I say all the time “I like floral prints and choose to allow them to take up 40% of my wardrobe because long hair don’t care.”


This is currently my favorite sweater because it’s a size too big on me which makes it extra cozy and it has adorable elbow patches. It was one of those items that sold out really quickly during the holiday season, then a customer returned one of them 2 months later and it was marked down to like a fraction of the original price.


Earrings: Topshop

My fox earrings were another good sale find, I think I got this pair in while I was in Las Vegas. I love adding to my quirky jewelry collection. If it’s an animal or a miniature version of a small item, I’ll probably wear it around my neck or dangling from my ears. On my fingers and around my wrist if I’m lucky and it’s a piece of jewelry that will fit my twiggy limbs.

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And The Livin’s Easy



Went to new and old places around downtown with some friends last night. First off, we went to Crepe and Gelato Blvd in Armory Square. I’m really pumped we have a crepe restaurant in town again, just sayin’. I usually get them with nutella and strawberries. Apparently they make their own whipped cream, which tasted great. I was pretty happy with it and will probably stuff my face with crepes for the rest of the summer.

After hours of figuring out what to do next, we eventually ended up at Strong Hearts Cafe. Everything is wonderful here, but I usually gravitate towards their milkshakes every time. They’re named after awesome people and don’t make me feel like death afterwards. It’s cruel that I’m lactose intolerant. Shout out to vegan folks, your food is awesome. Your lifestyle is too difficult for me to ever consider but I’ll keep eating at vegan restaurants when given the choice. I really should go to Strong Hearts more often, but then I remember that I’m too broke to eat food that’s good for me. Ahhh, such is life.



Shirt: H&M

Shorts: Modern Pop Culture

Boots: Aldo

Is it socially acceptable to wear combat boots year round? It was raining oceans and ships yesterday before we went out so I figured I’d play it safe. I’ve also misplaced a ton of my summer shoes which has put me in pickle. If anyone wants to donate some sweet shoes, I’m a size 5.


Bracelet: H&M

I thought I lost this thing! But, since I’m an irresponsible person I’ve also lost a ton of other basic jewelry while I was moving back home. At least I found this sweet bracelet again?

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May 30, 2013 · 9:34 PM

Fluorescent Adolecent


Ok so technically spring break ended a few days ago, but I’m dedicating the next two posts to it anyways.

I stuck around Buffalo for a few extra days because of work. I met up with some friends from my photography class at Spot Coffee on Delaware and Chippewa.  The plan was to mosey around downtown to do our photo assignment (we had to take pictures of people we knew/didn’t know. Typical intro to photo stuff I’m sure)

Luckily one of my friends had their DSLR camera on them and was happy to take a few pictures of me.


This happens to be my camera 🙂




And this is me getting my picture taken while derpin’ around Spot


Blazer: H&M

Corset: Urban Outfitters

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: H&M

I remember when I was having dinner with my friends a few weeks ago they all told me that they’re so used to seeing me in mostly black with a pop or two of color. They hit the nail on the head for one of my reliable go-to’s ha ha ha.


It was spring break. I wanted it to be spring. If I wear bright colors and disregard outerwear that means it’ll get warmer right?




Hair tip that everyone probably knows – dirty hair is the easiest thing to curl and looks fabulous.




Close ups because why not


Right before this was taken, I was walking around Shea’s on that really rocky gravely street that’s under construction. I lost my balance and fell flat on my ass. Typical Celina move.

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Casually Casual

This will be my last post before my 10 day Vegas trip! Yes I’m going on vacation while I’m on vacation from school. Vacation-ception!


Went on a casual date with the boyfriend last weekend after a long month of us being sick and on the verge of death.

Shirt: Delia’s


Boots: Aldo

Christmas present from Flo this year! I didn’t need boots like this but I’m pretty glad I have them.


Watch: Fossil

I bought this after my birthday will all of the gift cards I received. I needed one for work because I hate not knowing what time it is. I wish still had the box it came it, they have the cutest tin boxes. This watch literally goes with everything.


Wallet: Michael Kors

One of handful of presents my boyfriend got me for Christmas. It hold plenty and my iphone could even fit in there if I didn’t have a crazy ridiculous case. and it’s in one of my top 3 favorite colors – hot pink. What I like most about this is that it doesn’t have that obnoxious MK print all over it. Seriously every time I see that MK print I read it as “mmkay” like Mr. Mackey from South Park.


We went to Mai Lan Restaurant for some pho. I couldn’t wait for the pho so we got egg rolls. But egg rolls are always a good idea.


I got the pho tai, rice noodle soup with rare beef aka the first item on any pho menu ever. I will always love pho because what other meal can you pay like $5 for and get a big bowl of awesome deliciousness that isn’t sketchy.


The next day I got a pre-vaycay haircut by my usual hair stylist, Crystal at Xquisite Designs. Switched it up a bit and showed her a picture of Beyonce’s bangs because Beyonce is fabulous. But let’s be serious, I show her different celebrities every so often to make me feel like I’m doing something different with my hair. Bangs are my secret weapon…


My mother told me I looked like Where’s Waldo in pastels that day.


Shirt: H&M

I own too many striped shirts. Every time I come home I find one that I left behind.



Jeans: Free People

Boots: Aldo

Got a great deal on both of these! I got lucky and got those pants under $20 and I think I those boots were on sale for $15. My thrifty shopping skills keep getting better with time.


Hat: Forever 21

I thought I lost this floppy knitted hat for good until I realized that my mother borrowed it and never gave it back. Looks like I’ll be taking it back and never letting anyone borrow it ever again.


The boyfriend and I went on a random middle of the week date recently.


Dress: Urban Outfitters

Sweater: Forever 21


Tights: Anthropologie

Boots: Aldo

I’m not sure if this picture does a good job of showing it, but they’re ombre tights. They go from navy to grey. They’re great winter tights, they’re thick and look great with boots. This is also one of the few things I can afford from Anthrpologie. My employee discount just makes everything less expensive but still out of my lame broke college kid price range. Someday I’ll move into an Anthropologie, yes you read that right.


We went to Limp Lizard in Liverpool for some bro food. This place is literally less than 5 mins from my house and I’ve never been until that day. My boyfriend who lives across the lake in Camillus has been here more times than I have. Anyways, I ordered a dozen hot wings which were great. Except for one thing, no matter what I did I could not get the bleu cheese to stick to them! I’ve never ran into such a crazy problem before in my life. It was an outrage, then I remembered I still had a dozen perfectly good wings in front of me. I get over things pretty quickly sometimes.


Yesterday I went out with my boyfriend and his family to the brand new P.F. Chang’s for a pre-birthday dinner kinda thing. I somehow convinced everyone to order my favorite appetizer there, chicken lettuce wraps. My only complaint is that they give you four leaves of lettuce and expect that to feed an entire table of people. I have a small appetite 47% of the time and that’s not even enough for me.


My boyfriend’s mother ordered the bottle of wine. Ignore the suggestive name, because that’s what I did all night. It was a blend of merlot, zinfandel, and cabernet.


I ordered the crab fried rice. Aside from crab it had shitaki mushrooms, asparagus, red peppers, and I think some sriracha. Apparently this is one of their newest items on the menu so I gave it a shot. It was pretty good but a little spicier than I thought it’d be. Pretty sure whatever’s left of it was eaten by my family. *sigh*


And it’s not a true chain restaurant experience without some sort of birthday freebie! The boyfriend and I split that piece of tiramisu. Other than it tasting a little too frozen it was still pretty good.

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