What The Frock

What I wore:

Channeling my inner Betty Draper from Mad Men. Specifically seasons 1 – 4 Betty. I do love fat Betty Francis though. I love Mad Men period – it’s taken over my life, and eventually my wardrobe (I’m already half way there!) I love Betty. She’s beautiful, sits around at home all day, has a killer wardrobe, birthed the sassiest future queen bitch ever Sally and was married to the beautiful Don Draper (I would cry myself to death if I ever come near Jon Hamm. He’s such a drop dead gorgeous fox.) Sadly the only things we have in common is that we sit around at home all day and love fashion. Okay I’ll stop ranting about my obsession with Mad Men for now.

Dress – Urban Outfitters

This was a Christmas gift from a few years back from a friend. Isn’t it lovely?! My only complaint is that fit is a bit off but I love it too much to bother getting it altered (and I’m still broke.) It’s honestly one of my favorite dresses.

Ignore my grr face and pay attention to the back of my dress reflected in the mirror.

Bathroom selfie because I wanted to show off the mesh collar.

What I drank:

You guessed it – Solo Starbucks date. Sippin’ on caramel macchiatos while on Tumblr filling out millions of job applications and working on my script. Luckily I ran into one of my old BFFs from high school and their significant other and we had an impromptu coffee date!

No photo worthy food today so here’s some art. I sit in the same corner every single solo Starbucks date and finally noticed the artwork behind me. Maybe I’ll start doing a “view from the corner” picture for all of my Starbucks adventures.


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