Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I enjoyed the random beautiful spring time weather we had over the weekend. I forgot that it was possible to step outside without a winter coat and giant scarf. It’s only Tuesday and it’s back to being cold,windy, and gloomy outside. Sigh.


Blazer: H&M

Sure my blog post title might lead you to believe that I saw Rihanna with the rest of Buffalo this past Friday – but I didn’t – I tricked you, ha! Instead, Jonathan and I saw Steve Rannazzisi aka Kevin from The League. For someone who doesn’t get football or fantasy football, I love this show.


Dress: ???

Necklace: H&M

I got this dress for Christmas from Jonathan’s mother. No idea where she got it or who made it but I love it because I love almost all LBDs. Pretty sure I bought the necklace on a whim because there was a 2 for 1 accessory promo or something. But I like paper cranes and origami, so it’s relevant at least?


Tights: Betsey Johnson

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Spiked Litas

Return of the Litas because it was finally nice enough outside for them to not get ruined by slush and salt. This was a poor choice because we had to walk farther than expected because everyone and their mother took every available parking spot in downtown Buffalo Friday night. Damn you Rihanna, damn you! At least I looked good?


Bag: Kate Spade

This lovely thing was 50% off. How could I not get it? It’s probably not meant to hold text books but I cram all of my stuff for school in it everyday without a care in the world because I love it so much. I need more Kate Spade in my life.



Nail polish: grey (sally hanson) pink (urban outfitters)

Ring: Tiffany and Co.

I haven’t done anything nice with my nails in awhile so I kept it simple and used to painter’s tape to make stripes. The ring was one of my Valentine’s Day presents from Jonathan. It’s kind of difficult to read but it says “I Love You” in script around the band. Totes presh am I right?!


Sunglasses: Ray Ban

It even sunny enough for me to need to wear my wayfarers. Is this real life? Side note, I’m long overdue for a bang touch up. These side swepts aren’t cutting it anymore.


Every restaurant in downtown was packed because of that damn Rihanna (I don’t hate Rihanna. I just hate stupid traffic, walking long distances, and not getting into restaurants). Soooo we had nothing better to do than hang out at the bar for over an hour.


Jack and cokes, amaretto sours, and white russians kept us amused until show time.


By some miracle I woke up before noon and baked Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffins which by another miracle I didn’t ruin.


I left all of my lighter leather jackets at my parent’s home in Syracuse because I’m an idiot. I did leave this super stylish raincoat behind at least.


Coat: H&M

I’ve always wanted one of those long raincoats. It’s perfect for those in-between seasons and looks so effortlessly elegant. I receive the nicest compliments on it when I wear it out.


Ugh ignore the shitty lighting and my lack of a left arm. I’m playing around with this self timer app on my iphone. I should start pan handling on the streets for a DSLR.


Dress: Urban Outfitters

Another Christmas present dress! One of my friends got me this a few years ago.


I cooked a whole meal Saturday night. For anyone who knows me well enough, this is incredibly unlike me and therefore a huge achievement. I googled some recipes on Pinterest and voila! I made cheddar and bacon mashed potatoes and baked chicken that I rolled around in some seasonings that I can’t remember. Not pictured here are my failed home made mozzarella sticks. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever created in my life. I bought a bottle of Barefoot pinot grigio which was delicious and surprisingly not entirely downed by me. Pretty sure I had 2.5 glasses while Jonathan drank the rest while I was enjoying one of the few meals I’ve successfully made.


This is my promo picture for The Real Housewives of Buffalo State.

lol but not really I’m just lame.

In an attempt to encourage me to start cooking real meals that aren’t from a box or the frozen food aisle, Flo (my mother) bought me the cutest apron ever. Yes I have a wine stopper that looks like a shoe. Guess all it takes for me to get in the kitchen are cute accessories and delicious wine.


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