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And We’ll Never Be Royals








I’ve finally adjusted to being back in school. My schedule is all over the place but I’m hanging in there. Also, I’m so done trying to figure out the weather. It’s been surprisingly hot out this week but I think it’s finally starting to cool down and stay that way.




Dress: Delia’s

Earrings: Vintage

This is one of my favorite dress for a million reasons. It’s in my favorite color, mint green, it’s got lace, the fit is really flattering on me, and I got it on sale! I still get plenty of lovely compliments whenever I wear it out. The earrings used to belong to my Mom.



Tights: Anthropologie

Shoes: Aldo

These ombre tights add a little bit of fun when combined with dresses and skirts. They only work with ankle boots or flats, anything a little higher defeats the purpose. These tights are also a constant reminder of how much I miss my discount. But I think I can finally say I’ve put the retail life behind me.


Watch: Fossil

Bag: Aldo

Leather goods from birthday presents past. I used to be nervous about mixing browns and blacks together but I think this works well together. This is definitely one of my favorite school bags. It perfectly fits everything I need and it’s adjustable too.



I’ve finally been able to visit all of my favorite local cafes this week. I had a study date with my friend Amber at Spot on Elmwood. I grabbed a pizza bagel, because they’re basically giant bagel bites. If you don’t enjoy bagel bites, I’m not sure if I can trust you. Amber bought me a belated birthday cupcake, how lovely! I picked out a pumpkin spice one.



My friend Samantha and I went over to Cafe Aroma because I had to do a people watching assignment for my acting class. Taking notes on people always makes me feel like such a creeper but it’s something I do on occasion while I’m out writing in public anyways. While being creeptastic,  I sipped on an iced vanilla coffee and of course got another cupcake, this one was vanilla.


Went on a bro-mantic date with Amber the following day and wound up at Cafe Aroma again. That’s the thing I love about that place, kills two birds with one stone. Grab coffee in the day time and then beers or wine at night. Autumn seasonal beers are the best in my opinion. This was a tasty little wheat pumpkin ale.


We ate at Towne in Allen afterwards. A bacon cheeseburger with fries for like $5, that barely exists anymore.



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Christmas Eve-Eve!

As an early Christmas present to you lovelies, I’ve decided to blog again aka this is the part where I apologize profusely for not posting since August. As usual, college took over my life. Seeing as how the world didn’t end in a fiery blaze I swear to be a much much MUCH better blogger in 2013. But a little less conversation, a little more food and fashion.


One letter, 3 words: Besties, bbq, and beer. Because a girl’s night out to Dinosaur BBQ is pretty typical.


Followed by something more feminine, a post-bro dinner tea party with the girls! This might have been the only visit where I didn’t get some form of tea. But the mini cupcakes alone are worth dropping by too.

P.S. if you’re ever with me when I order these, I always give away the coconut one because I despise coconut. Perhaps that will persuade more people to go out with me. No? Okay…


Yours truly watched Modern Pop Culture on Thursday due to their involvement with Syracuse Snarl that evening (go check that out that post on their blog soon!)

Sweater: H&M

Pants: Free People

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (obvz)

Most perfect angora mint green sweater period. Those floral pants were an absolute steal thanks to the eternally awesome thing that is employee appreciation month. Free People jeans for under $20? Yes please. And yeah, I’m still rockin’ Litas. Haters gonna hate. I still love them.


I eventually ended up attending the fashion show. This wasn’t planned because I’m dressed incredibly casual. But a high bun and minimal make up are always appropriate am I right or am I right?


And obviously when I’m in charge of watching a boutique I’m going to try things on. Like these precious delectable rings! There are plenty more but I ran out of fingers and hands. For a girl who has a fashion blog named Deliciously Dressed, I most certainly need these in my life.

So, back to the conversation/random rantings of my own personal life.

Things worth mentioning since I last blogged:

– Declared my minor in fashion design.

– I turned 21 in September.

– I’m an employee at Urban Outfitters.

– I have a super cool boyfriend.

– I finally own an iphone.

Reasons why you should follow my blog again:

– Lots and lots of new clothes!

– Posts about alcohol!

– I’ll be traveling to Vegas soon!

– I still haven’t blogged about Buffalo yet, but I will next semester when I return!

– Slightly better quality pictures!

– More diversity! Aka posts about my attempts at fashion design, cooking, and baking!

– Did I mention alcohol already?!

– And because you all still love me hopefully!!!

To wrap it up, I hope you all have a lovely holiday and successfully survive your awkward families over the next few days.

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