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Feelin’ 22

I turned 22 on September 9! My birthday fell on a Monday this year, so I celebrated all weekend of course. I’m surprised no one has tried to strangle me because I’ve been blasting 22 by Taylor Swift for several days.


Kicked off the birthday weekend by going out to sushi with my friend Matt (yes the one from my We Can’t Stop post) at Kuni’s. This photo was taken moments before a swarm of wasps attacked us. I had to abandon one piece of my tuna roll because a wasp decided to snuggle with it. *sigh* Shout out to our server for being lovely and helping us move inside. Luckily, it’s adorable, cozy, and insect free inside. This is my go-to sushi place when I’m feeling a little fancy but can’t spend too much. This is also the only place I know of so far in Buffalo that serves Koshu. If you’re into plum wine, give it a shot. And if you’re not, but like sweeter wines in general then you should try it too. It’s definitely my favorite one so far.


Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Modcloth

I came back to my suite with more wine waiting for me. My roomies get me obviously.




Dress: Nasty Gal

Shoes: Forever 21

I love this dress to death! The last time I wore it was to a wedding last year. It’s gorgeous but I don’t have too many opportunities to wear it out. I figured a birthday outing was a perfect occasion. The only thing I hate about it is that I have to wear a bandeau underneath. As pretty as the lace is, it’s quite revealing. The first time I wore it I tried fashion tape and a black backless bra. It was uncomfortable and I was checking for wardrobe malfunctions every two seconds.

I recently learned how to do beehives. They’re incredibly easy to do and make any outfit look instantly vintage. Unfortunately, my hair did not remain this cute the entire night. I literally had to run to catch a bus. I gave up and threw it up into a bun. I sacrificed my hair for an extra half hour worth of drinking. If running in heels were an olympic sport, I’d make the American team without a doubt.


Cantina Loco was the meeting spot because it’s right across from the bus stop and my legs still felt like death after running. I refused to walk any further until I had a drink. I should have stuck to with go-to, amaretto sours, because this drink right here was deceiving. You’d think something called a cactus berry (or was it berry cactus?) would be sweet and fruity but this just tasted like tequila. I am emotionally damaged thanks to tequila. I’d rather not talk about that night ever again. However I do appreciate this adorable cactus glass. I eventually washed it down with some Southern Tier Pumpking beer. Which reminds me, I need to go stock up on that stuff. I wish I could remember what else I had to drink that night, I hope I made good choices. That can also be said for whatever sort of shenanigans I got myself into. I have lovely friends who were good sports and dealt with my weirdness all night. It helped that they were probably entertained by it as well. I don’t think it’s possible for me to have a normal night out whenever I’m around Allen.




Dress: Forever 21

Boots: Aldo

Believe it or not, Jonathan actually picked this dress out for me! It was part of my anniversary present in July. Embellished collar and floral print, he’s been paying close attention for the past year. The next day was full of recovery and food with more friends. We some how wound up at Panera and Matt was lovely enough to let me pick out a pastry. I got a seasonal apple flavored one. I should drop out of school to pursue a career as a muffin model.


I wanted to do a birthday dinner at first, buuut remembered that I’m broke. So I went out for some frozen yogurt with a few friends instead. We went to White Rabbit on Elmwood. It was my first time in there. The upstairs seating area is adorable and surprisingly spacious. Read the frozen yogurt facts posted on the wall, they’re educational and a little funny. I had the birthday cake flavor. I went a little crazy and piled on lots of nutella, m&ms, rainbow sprinkles, and mochi. I’m not sure if any of these flavors compliment each other but it tasted awesome. Much love to my friend Rishaya for being a doll and paying for my froyo masterpiece!




Sweater: Thrifted, Amvets

Top: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: Thrifted, Amvets

Boots: Aldo

At last, the actual birthday outfit. I got so many lovely compliments on it throughout the day, which made it that much better. This sweater was much baggier and looser until I stuck it in the dryer. I never get upset when my clothes shrink while I do laundry because they usually end up fitting me better. I didn’t have to adjust the hemline of this skirt at all either. Finding maxis already at a perfect length is a shorty struggle. It’s a little loose at the waist which made my crop top a little obvious at times. Give me a break, an occasional bare midriff plus a blanket sweater and a maxi skirt should be acceptable, right? My hair was much cuter when I first did it that morning. It’s difficult for my hair to hold curls for a very long time since it is pin straight and fine.


Proof my hair was adorable at some point on my birthday! Anyone who follows me on Instagram (and if you don’t, the photos under “click, flash” should lead you to my account) knows that I abuse the A Beautiful Mess app. I can’t help myself, it’s beyond adorable! I’m also an avid reader of the blog.


Right after my first class ended, I received an adorable flower arrangement from Jonathan! Out of all of the one’s he has sent me, this one takes the cake. It doesn’t get more precious than a bouquet in a tea cup.


My friends are fully aware of my love for cats. My friends are also fully aware of my love for writing. I’ve received so many pretty journals throughout the years. And yes, I do use them!


Aside from my birthday falling on a buzzkilling weekday, Mondays are also my busiest school days. I thought about getting a cupcake from Firefly all day. I went with their ‘nilla birthday cake flavor, for obvious reasons. And then I decided I couldn’t devour this without wine. I was on the hunt for the girliest pinkest wine. Would any of you honestly expect anything else from me? An employee handed Barefoot Refresh, Perfectly Pink to me because I told her I was a fan of their pink moscato (which they were unfortunately sold out of) It tastes pretty similar, but it’s a little bubbly. Party cake ice cream has been a favorite of mine since high school. It has birthday cake batter flavored ice cream, cake bits, and frosting swirls. I can be extremely childish when it comes to my dessert choices sometimes.

So, let’s re-cap birthday weekend round 1 with some of the lyrics from 22:

– It was indeed a perfect night to dress up like hipsters. I don’t think that I dressed like one, but there were plenty of hipsters spottings around Allen. No surprises there.

– At least one ex was made fun of.

– I wish I had breakfast at midnight. No one wanted to take me to Denny’s to get my free grand slam.

– After enough drinks I was happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.

– Places did get too crowded due to too many cool kids trying to get their drink on.

– Everything was alright if you were right next to me or kept dancing like you were 22. ooh-ooh

– If you didn’t already know, I am definitely feeling 22.

Thank you to everyone who made my weekend and birthday extra special. I absolutely love each and every single one of you. Cheers to another year of being a twenty-something!


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Last weekend Jonathan and I made a trip out to Boston. This is my first time visiting and probably his millionth. I believe that it’s perfectly fine to do stereotypical touristy things when you first visit a city. But I try to balance that out by doing some exploring off the beaten path.






BNB breakfast

Even though I’m a Boston newbie and he’s a Boston veteran, this was both our first time staying at a Bed and Breakfast. We stayed at Prospect Place in Cambridge. I’m completely in love with this  Victorian home. They even serve home made granola. I don’t know how you can do that, but it’s possible, and it was crazy delicious. We had some fun company during breakfast too. One other couple that stayed with us that weekend was also from Buffalo! What a small world right? Apparently, if I ever go to North Tonawanda and ask about the Fire family, they’ll know who I’m talking about. If you guys are reading this, please let me come over for a home cooked Italian dinner this semester. That is all.

Ula Cafe

After a 5 hour drive, sandwiches sounded like a great idea. We dropped by Ula Cafe while waiting for a Sam Adams brewery tour to begin. Drinking on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea. Unless you’re totally okay with getting drunk within 5 seconds. There’s nothing wrong with that either actually.




Hops smell even better when they’re not in beer.


Louis/Louie? You’re the funniest tour guide I’ve ever had. Stay classy and cynical.

Sam Adams beerz

We got about 3 samples and a few glasses to take home afterwards. We had Boston Lager, Summer Ale, and this new IPA they’re testing out. We should have come in the fall for free Octoberfest. Words can’t describe how much I love Octoberfest beer.



Next stop was the Prudential Tower. Lots of lovely views. I wish we could’ve gone at sunset or at night too.







Went on one of those duck tours. They drive on land and float around in the water. Just like a duck! How clever. Our tour guide was funny in the way that your Dad or Uncle or Bill Cosby is funny. I also have no idea who this child is. These two kids rode by themselves next to us and while he let some of them drive, he asked me to take a picture. He just assumed they were related to us in some way. Wrong-o. So yeah, whoever’s kid this is, enjoy this picture of your child driving the tour boat/car/whatever this thing is. Thanks for all the facts, photo opportunities, and complimenting my camera a million times Mister Duck Boat captain.


Ended our first day with some pizza at Bertucci’s Brick Oven Pizzeria in Harvard Square because all good days should end with pizza.


Shirt: Forever 21

Shorts: ???

Shoes: Sperry

Purse: Kate Spade

My mother got me these shorts last summer from the Philippines. My high wasted obsession is slowly coming together. I figured this red and white striped shirt was a safe and relevant pick for a day at Fenway


Jonathan’s a Red Sox fan, so I think it’s safe to assume that this day was his favorite.

Fenway Tour

hashtag Fenway selfie.


For a girl who knows absolutely nothing about baseball, I actually enjoyed the Fenway tour. The stadium is really pretty and has tons of fun history behind it.




In between the tour and when the game actually started, we visited the aquarium. I was really disappointed that starfish aren’t as squishy as they look.


But I did get to pet a few baby stingrays! These guys are surprisingly adorable.



Had some legit New England Clam chowder and lobster rolls at Quincy Market. I expected seafood in New England to taste great, and it lived up to the hype!





We had some time to go to the park and go on a swan boat ride. It was a gorgeous day to do it too. From there we walked through Newbury Street to get back to Fenway. I was exhausted but walking around is the best way to explore cities. Besides, it made sitting around at a baseball game for 4 hours seem less daunting.

Fenway Floral

I even managed to find a sports related t-shirt that doesn’t sacrifice cuteness! This floral print v-neck was on sale at the souvenir store across the street. It was obviously meant to be that that I needed to blend in better.


These Fenway franks are delish! I could get into baseball if all food served at sporting events are this yummy. Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy beers during the game because those things are crazyyy overpriced! After every hot dog I ate, someone got engaged. The second I stopped buying them, no one else got engaged. I might’ve cursed engagements at Fenway for the rest of eternity. Could this be the curse of the hot dog eating baseball clueless floral print wearing Asian girl? Sorry Boston. But congrats to the lucky people who got engaged while I was there.


To celebrate their victory and avoid being sardined in the T after the game, we grabbed drinks at Boston Beer Works. Which we were also sardined. But at least we had beers! I got a watermelon flavored beer. I didn’t get a watermelon slice in mine sadly. But I still tasted the watermelon.


Before we continued our Boston bar hopping, we ordered some poutine at Saus. Probably the best poutine I’ve had since were in Toronto. This tasted as good as it looks. If I can find a decent place in Buffalo that makes good poutine my life will be complete.


Shirt: H&M

Shorts: DIY

Sandals: Aldo

On Sunday we checked out the SoWa Open Market and explored the area. Food trucks and cute etsy in real life booths galore!


Headband: American Apparel

I bought two of these. I’m completely in love with them! I wish I had them in every color. I want to see how many different ways I can pull these things off. My birthday’s less than a month away sooooo,hint hint hint.


I bought this compass ring and some rose tea at the market. I wish I remember exactly where I got it from! But it actually works. For someone who has no sense of direction, this might come in handy. And who doesn’t love good quirky jewelry?


It’s not a real trip if there isn’t at least one sushi meal. After enough asking around and internet research, we settled on Avana Sushi in Chinatown because it’s affordable and the chef is super duper friendly! It’s this little hole in the wall place but probably some of the best sushi I’ve ever tasted. Jonathan ordered a Spicy Red Sox maki which has crabstick, avacado, spicy tuna and crunchies. I took the server’s recommendation and ordered a  Black Pearl maki which has crabstick, eel, eel sauce, avacado, and black tobiko.


I guess the thing to do here is to draw cute pictures and say nice things on paper plates. I found an open spot and stuck ours on there.


We spent part of the afternoon at the Museum of Fine Arts. This place is gigantic! I wish we had more time to scale the entire place. I enjoyed the exhibits and pieces that we were able to see.




“She’s a full on Monet…From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess. ”

– Cher, Clueless.


Hangin’ with Barbra Streisand. Almost literally?












My favorite exhibit was hands down the Hippie Chic one! A room full of crazy 1960s fashion. Honestly some of these mannequins reminded me of window displays at stores. I took tons more pictures, if anyone cares I’ll probably post them to my Tumblr account.



We walked around Newbury Street enough times to drop by Georgetown Cupcakes to see what all of the hullabaloo was about. I was surprised when I learned there was in one in Boston. It’s just weird that they exist outside of Washington DC. I mean it is called Georgetown Cupcakes. They were pretty delicious and looked adorable. We split a Banana Split cupcake. How appropriate.


Alright. So. This might’ve been the most tourist-y part of the whole trip, and it wasn’t as big of a tourist trap as I assumed it was going to be. I watch a lot of TV so I was bound to visit a place that inspired a TV show. I assume it’s the type of place that everyone goes to at least once just to say they’ve done it. So yeah, we did it!



But we didn’t order beers. Norm would’ve been displeased by this. Sorry Norm.


One of the very last things we did in Boston was pay a visit to Mike’s Pastries. Everyone was ranting and raving about this place when I mentioned our trip. We followed the trail of people holding boxes as soon as we got off the T. The wait wasn’t as long as everyone said it’d be. We did go less than an hour before close. If anything getting into the actual place where you order was chaotic. My 3 choices were espresso, chocolate chip, and hazelnut. Jonathan got strawberry, oreo, and pistachio. We might’ve gone a little overboard by getting 6 cannolis but I’m not sorry about it at all.

Overall, I enjoyed my first trip to Boston. It’s a lovely place full of history, beautiful buildings, and friendly folks. I’d definitely visit again.

Next stop on our vacation: Cape Cod!


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We Can’t Stop

My lovely friend from Buffalo, Matt, decided to grace me with his presence this past weekend. He’s half Filipino (and single fellas, wiiiiink.), which meant my mother stuffed him full with as much home cooked Filipino food as possible. When my mother was plotting how to adopt Matt and send me to a planet far far away wasn’t trying to feed us until we died of delicious-ness, I took him to all of my favorite places to eat and drink. Honestly, if you’re ever in Syracuse get a hold of me. I absolutely love showing people around! I should start my own Syracuse tour full of historical facts, yummy trendy places, and sass.



The first place I took him to was Roji. We shared cupcakes and onigiri while sippin’ on some boba.


By some divine miracle, all of my best friends from high school came home to visit as well! We all went out for breakfast at B’ville Diner for old times sake. Which is kinda weird considering we only ever ate there past 10pm. Diners are crazy packed in the day time in case anyone was wondering, which helped keep me awake because I probably would’ve fallen asleep face first into my feta and broccoli omelette.


Afterwards, Matt and I dropped by Cafe Kubal to snack on some macarons. I love these tiny cute lil’ things! We got to eat almond, chocolate raspberry, and salted caramel flavored ones. I savored each and every single flavor. If you don’t feel fancy or adorable while eating a macaron, then you’re not eating it correctly.





We were supposed to take pictures at the park…until it decided to downpour all afternoon. Luckily, we were able to visit the Palace Theater. Okay it’s safe to say that Matt is definitely fiercer than me and most people that exist in general.


And then you all have to deal with my derpy self. But that’s why you all keep coming back, right?


Top: H&M

Denim: Mod Cloth

Boots: Aldo

I really wanted to do a beehive or victory curls with this outfit that day, but I’m extremely lazy when it comes to doing anything remotely fancy with my hair. Top knot to the rescue, as always. I’m completely in love with my shirt’s print, I snagged it during one of H&M bogo sales. “I’m really glad that shirt looks better on you than it did on the hanger” said my mother as I was getting ready that day. Sometimes, I know what I’m talking about. Also, I’ve never been more in love with a pair of pants in my life. These high wasted jeans do wonders for me! Anything that makes my little legs look fantastic is definitely a keeper. Excuse me while I slowly convert all of my pants into high wasted pants.


No Syracuse tour, by me at least, is complete until there’s a trip to Sakana Ya. Surprised Matt didn’t die from a sushi coma on half off Monday. This heart shaped number has been one of my new favorites.


The last place I took him to eat was Crepe & Gelato Boulevard for afternoon crepes.



Instagramin’ everything. He got a nutella, strawberry, and whipped cream crepe with a side of strawberry cheesecake gelato.


I decided to switch it up and try out a savory crepe. I had ham, cheese, and egg crepe. Apparently, they cooked it up French style so the egg was a little runny, which I had no problems with whatsoever. Crepe coma multiplied by 10.



Tank top: H&M

Denim: Delia’s

Shoes: Sperry

Necklace: H&M

Watch: Fossil

Purse: Coach

I finally own boat shoes! I was in desperate need of some cute casual shoes. Jonathan got them for me for our 1 year anniversary a few weeks ago. He had to send the first pair back because he didn’t realize just how itty bitty my feet are. After 2 weeks worth of waiting for an itty bittier size, I’ve been wearing them non stop. I’m trying to break them in before our Boston getaway. And pink boat shoes are just the cutest things ever.


Places I wish I got to take him but didn’t have time to:

Dinosaur BBQ



Funk N Waffles

Various bars

And I’m probably still drawing some blanks. It was a blast spending time with his hilarious fierce self, obviously my mother failed at trying to adopt him so he had to go back home.You will all probably see more of him throughout my blog when I make my return to Buffalo in 3 weeks. In the mean time, you’ll just have to deal with my derpy awkward self. Oh the agony.



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Worn This Way

Sorry lovelies, I’ve been having weird issues with WordPress for the past month and my wifi on campus isn’t the best. But I’m back.

Anyways – Jonathan and I went to Toronto the weekend before Valentine’s Day. He bought me tickets to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball for my birthday back in September. Of course we’d get attacked by the worst snow storm of the season the on our way up, but that didn’t stop us!


I love Lady Gaga. Deal with it. I won’t bore you with my personal story as to why I do, but if you’re interested just ask.


Top: Custom, Modern Pop Culture

Shorts: Custom, Modern Pop Culture

Of course I’m gonna go to my go-to DIY guy Nathan/my place of internshipping for a one of a kind outfit. The black lace cami was sitting in the back of my closet and I figured it had some potential. After shooting some ideas around we ended up with this! It turned out great and I plan on wearing it again and again. Luckily for me the high wasted dip denim cut offs were from a no-show customer last summer. Their loss because they fit me perfectly and look stellar!


Socks: Forever 21

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, NastyGal.com

The piece de resistance – JC Spiked Litas. Nasty Gal was selling them for $90 a few months ago. How could I pass that deal up?! A giant snow storm isn’t going to stop me from looking fierce.

I’ll admit, they’re not usually my style but I’ll make them work into my wardrobe because I love them so much. I do enjoy pairing feminine pieces with edgier items.


Omg Cat Woman’s all up in my hotel room! No wait, that’s just me.


Mask: H&M

My friend Samantha and I were supposed to be window shopping in H&M. Then she spotted this bedazzled satin cat mask. I mean, aside from Halloween, where else could I get away with wearing a cat mask just because. Now I can channel my inner Selena Kyle/Cat Woman whenever wherever – within reason. Or maybe I can finally pursue my life long dream of becoming Cat Woman in real life. I mean my name is already Celina and what not.


Sweater: Topshop

Pants: Free People

Purse: Kate Spade

Comfiest thickest warmest sweater I own, and it was on sale! I’ll eventually take a better picture of my Kate Spade bag because it’s perfect.


Bangs appreciation. My bangs were looking mighty fine that day just because.



Our hotel was near the Toronto Eaton Centre, so we had a quick breakfast there before our tourist filled afternoon.


I bet you can guess who chose to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame

Jonathan caught me taking a selfie with the Stanley Cup.


It was this selfie. Side note, it was a pretty cool place despite the fact that I know nothing about hockey. Also, hockey trophies are mega bougie. I appreciate that.


So. Shiny. Must touch but must not…



Somehow I got convinced to play virtual hockey. I did poorly. This is the part where I mention that my boyfriend is some type of big deal in hockey back in my hometown. I guess he holds records at West Genesee and SU?  He’s also a die hard Buffalo Sabres fan aka I’m probably the number 2 reason he frequently visits Buffalo. But yeah fun facts about my boyfriend.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that he kicked my ass in virtual hockey.


I lost my poutine v-card in Toronto. I’m not gonna lie this kinda looks like shit and has a ridiculous name. Gravy and cheese curds on fries didn’t sound too appealing to me at first. But it’s such a perfect combo that I could die. I might get a duel citizenship because of it.


After our hockey-filled afternoon, we had a very romantic dinner date at Jacques Bistro du Parc. Started the meal off with escargot. I’ve only ever had escargot once. In my 9th grade French class we got extra credit for trying it. I wish it tasted as good as this batch did.


We both ordered salmon and a few glasses of chardonnay. I had the grilled salmon, which was probably the best salmon I’ve ever had and probably will have for a very long time. One of the many things I love about French food are the portions. I’m able to finish a plateful (which is usually rare as you all know) and stay full.


Since there was room for dessert, I got a lovely little slice of raspberry tart.

Seriously, if you’re ever in Toronto and can somehow get reservations or get lucky enough to be seated without them(like us!), do it. Right meow.


After dinner we went to see an improv show at Second City. I ordered a Blue Hawaiian because I heard someone order it on Mad Men once. Being an alcoholic was socially acceptable in the 1960s therefore the mixed drinks from that era are probably incredible!

Oh and the show was pretty great. I know a ton of my comedy heroes came straight out of Second City so it was pretty cool to finally go to a show there.


The next day, we visited Kensington Market and had lunch at Oishia Kada. I’ve been obsessed with this cup ever since. If anyone knows where I can get this or something like it, then for the love of everything that is adorable please tell me!


Yes it’s absolutely necessary that Jonathan and I eat sushi in every city that we travel to. From what I remember, they had awesome lunch deals on Sundays and I enjoyed my sushi very much. Knowing me I probably got something with crab in it.


Yeah, you guessed it, I made us stop for more crepes. This was a cinnamon sugar one. And the folded portable kind which I haven’t seen since I was in San Francisco a million years ago!


I was mega cold and saw a sign out front for Nutella lattes. Of course I’m going to get one.


Ending my trip in the most Canadian way possible, at Tim Horton’s with a coffee and maple donut.


Toronto you’re a lovely city. Now that I’m aware of how lovely you are and seeing that I live 2 hours away from you, I should drop by more often.

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Some Nights

Consecutive posts within a 24 hour span can only mean one thing: I’m obviously playing catch up. Let me state that my foodie to fashionista ratio has been off the charts lately. I’m also getting lazy with these post titles. It’s basically whatever I happen to be listening to while writing this. ANYWAYS –

Went to wing fest this past weekend. Buuut I promised my friend at the Kandied Korn in Armory Square that my friends and I would drop by. Side note: Bobby is totes adorbs and you should all drop by and see him because he’s hilarious.

Apparently, popcorn can get pretty crazy. I think I sampled a little bit of everything. They have everything from crazy colored fruity popcorn to savory meal flavored popcorn. I didn’t think either of these things could be possible from popcorn. I got a bag of karamel and koffee and kream with sugar. The k’s aren’t a typo, they’re just adorable and spell things with k’s.

Wings from Schepp’s. I ate like 938783594 more. They were crazy salty, so if you’re into that go for it. I think they won best wings? I could be wrong, and if I’m wrong don’t kill me. P.S. $1 wings should exist outside of wingfest. Just sayin’

And here’s quick Celina fact: A big factor for me choosing to go to school in Buffalo was because of chicken wings and I’m not sorry to admit that. I love chicken wings that much. And I can’t wait to be back in Buffalo because of them (among other things, obviously.)

Chicken riggies from I have no idea what stand they came from because my friend bought me a cup of it and I was pretty gone at that point (take that into whatever context you want, that is all I will say…). I do remember that they were tasty, which is what matters most.

Wings from Limp Lizard. Possibly the hottest wings I think I’ve ever eaten. I took one bite and I think I cried a little bit. My lips literally went numb for a few minutes. I’ve never had to abandon a chicken wing in my life but it was just wayyy too much.

I forced my friends to try them to prove whether or not I was just being a little bitch but they were also dying along with me. Out of curiosity we asked what the fuck was in these. They wouldn’t tell us but it was a special recipe specifically created for wing fest. Well played Limp Lizard, well played indeed.

Annnd let’s take a quick break from food because I’m all caught up for now/remembered to take pictures of my clothes at this point/didn’t hate this outfit.

Dress – Top Shop

I bought this in Manila years ago before Top Shop existed in the U.S. Words cannot describe my love for Top Shop. Their petite section is an absolute life saver. The dress has a v-cut in the back which allows me to wear super cute bandeaus/bralets/etc. too!

Sandals – Aldo

Of course I thought it’d be a genius idea to walk into Aldo while they were having a bomb ass sale. 50% off on sandals? Last pair in my size? Shut up and take my money please! I needed a pair of black leather sandals anyways. I’ve literally been trying to wear them every single day since I’ve bought them just to get my money’s worth before autumn kicks in…

Necklace – Forever 21

You all know I’m obsessed with collars. How could I resist a collar necklace?!

I also got my back to school haircut. I told my hair lady to cut off enough so I wouldn’t have to get it cut for awhile. She cut it wayyy shorter than I planned but I still dig it! Hair grows back, it’s whatever. Rockin’ bangs forever and ever and ever.

But yeah, more food because why not. Went to Carrabba’s in Fayetteville with the parents and a family friend that day. I think this was Sicilian chicken soup.

I basically only order lobster ravioli whenever I go here. It’s not that the rest of their menu sucks or anything. It’s just that it’s so good that I don’t see the point in trying to order anything else. Maybe I will, some day.

Buuut my stomach is a freak of nature and I was still a bit hungry after dinner. So I made a solo sushi trip out to Ocean Sushi for some salmon nigiri and crab sticks. Slightly off topic but since Ocean Sushi’s in Liverpool I have a tendency of constantly running into people I went to from high school there during my solo sushi trips. It’s slightly awkward but hey haters gonna hate om nom noms gonna nom.

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I’ve been a busy busy busy lady lately but I’ve been taking pictures over the past few weeks sooo get ready for a long ass post or two! It’s my last week in the cuse so I’m obviously going to hit up every single place I love in town (and some new ones) before I leave.

I’d like to kick off this rare one hundo percent food post with this. My bestie Meg over at Starbucks obviously love me very much ❤

As you all know, I work at Destiny USA (ugh that’s so awkward to say now. It’ll always be Carousel.) And there’s a Popeye’s there annnd everyone’s been shitting bricks and forming massive lines for it. As an employee who is limited to 30 minute breaks, standing in that massive line is not worth it. I literally had to make a trip out on one of the rare Sundays that I have off just to see what the BFD was. And I understood what the BFD was. Like this chicken is bananas. b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Even their side dishes kick ass. It’s probably a good thing that I’m impatient and have limited breaks because I probably would’ve turned into a chicken filled blubbery hot mess from eating it every single day.

Oh hey guys, it’s my friend Alexa/spacevagabond hanging out with me at Roji Tea Lounge! Look at her model those almond vanilla cookies Vanna White style. And look at my safe choice of Taro bubble tea with soy and cinnamon cookies. Totes delish to the max.

Instead of taking pictures of all the same things I get on half off sushi Mondays, figured it’d make more sense to take a picture of something new. I tried the lasagna roll and it was, interesting. Who thought cheese + california roll = surprisingly awesome. Food math, can you dig it?

These pictures are horribly out of order but I decided to save the best meal for last. Someone surprised me and took me out to Lemon Grass in Armory Square. I’ve only been there twice: On Valentine’s Day many years ago with someone that I used to know and with my parents right after my high school graduation. We started out with the lobster dip appetizer. Actually, I think the previous two times I went I started out with that, because it’s obviously awesome.

I went with the orange tamarind for my entree. In case anyone was wondering – I.love.duck. I usually refer to it as super chicken. Maybe I like duck so much because I can only ever have it at nicer restaurants. Or maybe because it’s beyond awesome.

Even if you’re not into Thai food, please please please for the love of God at least go to Lemon Grass for their deserts. They are the most precious and delicious things in the whole world! I purposely boxed my tasty duck just so I could have room for desert. I went with the Red Balloon. I mean how can you read “raspberry puree frozen with liquid nitrogen” on a desert menu and not be intrigued? And just look at that adorable pink polka dotted cake! Again, probably a good thing I can’t afford Lemon Grass 24/7 because I’d be hyped up on sugar and jiggly wiggly from eating desert every waking second.

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Gold On The Ceiling


Went on a lunch date with one of my lady friends. We both agreed to wear heels because we’re classy lady friends.


Top – Target, Jason Wu for Target Collection

When the Jason Wu line at Target first came out I flipped all sorts of shit due to excitement. I remember drooling over items on the internet. By the time I was able to go everything was practically gone. Sad face. This top and collection in general is totes adorbs, but I hate it because the sleeves are both ripped. There is a possibility of 3 things: the material is cheap as fuck because well it is Target, the material is delicate as shit because that happens sometimes, I am a lot stronger than I look and must’ve hulked it out when I was crazy angry at something one day.


Bag – Aldo

I’ve had this purse for over a month and I keep forgetting to include it in my posts! Mama Flo got this for me while she was in Philippines. You’re all fully aware of my love for everything mint green. I also love gigantic bags that I can carry my entire life in. It’s literally a black hole. Well, a fabulous mint green hole where lipstick goes missing for a week.


Heels – Aldo

I’ve been dying for a pair of totes perf nude heels and I’ve been lusting after these pretties all summer. They finally went on sale last week so it was obviously meant to be. These shoes are kind of like mullets, but not hideous. Business in the front, party in the back! Breaking in new heels is among the top 10 most painful things ever by the way, but it’s totally necessary.


Mondays off from work are a rare thing which is a tragedy since almost every restaurant in town has their half off deals on Mondays. So a trip to Sakana Ya was a definite must. I also realize that I’ve been on a 3 day sushi eating marathon.


California roll, California loveee. In the citayyy, city of cuse. We keep it sushi rockin’ . If Tupac wrote California Love about the California Roll which is what he should have done in the first place. Maybe it would’ve prevented that whole east coast west coast war. They all obviously just needed to go put on some heels and go on a sushi lunch date to settle their differences. Why wasn’t I born a 90s gangster rapper?


Spicy salmon roll with shrimp, chrunchy things, and more spicy shit on top. These are all technical sushi terms because I am the greatest sushi connoisseur in the universe.


Fruit rollin’ in the deep because this delish babe normally costs like $12 and I had a gift certificate. I love how fancy the plates get as the prices increase. Because that’s how you get people to spend more money on stuff, make it look as fancy as possible.


I’ve mentioned my friend Alexa (spacevagabond) in my posts previously. Well, she was the one I went out with and she convinced me to finally get this. For those of you who have been to Sakana Ya enough, you’ve seen the mysterious and intimidating half bowl full of tuna, white tuna, salmon, and red snapper sashimi float by on the conveyor belt. My philosophy on half off sushi days is to get adventurous and try new things since you’re not paying full price for it. It was beyond good. I feel like I’ve had sashimi before, but I can’t remember when or where. Even though sashimi freaks Alexa out and wouldn’t try a piece, I’m glad she convinced me to eat it all on my own because it was aweeesomeee. If it wasn’t normally $12 I’d probably get it every time I came in. Today was a successful fancy ladies day out. Fancy food for fancy ladies. Get at us!


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