You Only Live Once

What I Wore:

Monday afternoon adventures because I still haven’t found anything better to do with my summer yet.

Dress – Urban Outfitters

I got this simple white dress with lace on sale! It’s a great summer dress minus the fact that it’s incredibly see-through. I had to wear a pair of black shorts underneath to keep something left to the imagination. But I did remember to wear a bra with a cute print just in case.

Headband – Delia’s

I went through a phase all throughout high school where I was obsessed with headbands. More specifically, ones with bows. I’ve retired that trend and have moved on to other phases that I may question later on in life. This hand band still works because it looks like a tied scarf. Maybe I won’t have to swear off head bands for good.

What I ate/drank:

It was hot as a motherfucker on Monday. My friend Jocelyn and I headed over to Recess Coffee House & Roastery in Westcott for some iced coffee. I love that tons of my friends are living in Westcott for the summer. That means easy access to Recess, Alto Cinco, and Dorian’s for this lady!

We met up with our friend Dan and his grandma at Fifi’s ice cream in Eastwood. Dan’s grandma is the cutest and paid. The world needs more adorable grandmas. This was taken moments before it melted into a sad puddle. Red velvet seemed like an interesting flavor to try out. I’ve had red velvet cake ice cream once before (Ben & Jerry’s! so so so delish.) but this version was much sweeter.

Of course Joci would instagram me trying to eat this delicious hot mess of an ice cream cone. I’m rarely a klutz when it comes to food but I’m pretty sure everything went horribly wrong for me that day because I was dumb enough to wear all white. This is why I can’t have nice things. Hydrogen peroxide came to the rescue and saved my poor little white dress from obnoxious red stains!

Ended the night with a Tully’s date with Meg! Half priced Tully’s chicken tenders will be the death of me. I’ve been home for a month and this is the only time I’ve dropped by. I live less than 5 minutes away from one. Who am I?! I got so excited when they arrived to the table that it took me half way through the meal to realize I didn’t remember to take a picture of them. The appetizer portion is perfect for me since I usually get full quickly at restaurants. I wasn’t full but I took some home anyways because I love Tully’s tenders that fucking much.

Annnd YOLO spelled out in french fries brought to you by Megan because YOLO.


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