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And We’ll Never Be Royals








I’ve finally adjusted to being back in school. My schedule is all over the place but I’m hanging in there. Also, I’m so done trying to figure out the weather. It’s been surprisingly hot out this week but I think it’s finally starting to cool down and stay that way.




Dress: Delia’s

Earrings: Vintage

This is one of my favorite dress for a million reasons. It’s in my favorite color, mint green, it’s got lace, the fit is really flattering on me, and I got it on sale! I still get plenty of lovely compliments whenever I wear it out. The earrings used to belong to my Mom.



Tights: Anthropologie

Shoes: Aldo

These ombre tights add a little bit of fun when combined with dresses and skirts. They only work with ankle boots or flats, anything a little higher defeats the purpose. These tights are also a constant reminder of how much I miss my discount. But I think I can finally say I’ve put the retail life behind me.


Watch: Fossil

Bag: Aldo

Leather goods from birthday presents past. I used to be nervous about mixing browns and blacks together but I think this works well together. This is definitely one of my favorite school bags. It perfectly fits everything I need and it’s adjustable too.



I’ve finally been able to visit all of my favorite local cafes this week. I had a study date with my friend Amber at Spot on Elmwood. I grabbed a pizza bagel, because they’re basically giant bagel bites. If you don’t enjoy bagel bites, I’m not sure if I can trust you. Amber bought me a belated birthday cupcake, how lovely! I picked out a pumpkin spice one.



My friend Samantha and I went over to Cafe Aroma because I had to do a people watching assignment for my acting class. Taking notes on people always makes me feel like such a creeper but it’s something I do on occasion while I’m out writing in public anyways. While being creeptastic,  I sipped on an iced vanilla coffee and of course got another cupcake, this one was vanilla.


Went on a bro-mantic date with Amber the following day and wound up at Cafe Aroma again. That’s the thing I love about that place, kills two birds with one stone. Grab coffee in the day time and then beers or wine at night. Autumn seasonal beers are the best in my opinion. This was a tasty little wheat pumpkin ale.


We ate at Towne in Allen afterwards. A bacon cheeseburger with fries for like $5, that barely exists anymore.



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Edge Of Glory

What I Wore:

Excuse my unintentional messy up do. It was Monday and I was doing my cashier thing all day. Gimme a break.

Top – Forever 21

Skirt – H&M

Basically, it’s a cuter take on a white t-shirt and denim concept. I didn’t mean to do that at first, it just kinda happened. And then I realized what I did, and I went with it and never looked back.

I think that shirt was one of the very first things I ever bought from F21. I’ve also been shopping there since I was 12. Which is hilarious because armies of tweens who come into my store annoy me half the time. For those of you who are my friends on Facebook you probably know about my “are you fucking kidding me moment” that I had with one that day hahaha.

Side note, I need more skirts like this. I don’t know why I don’t own more of them and why the only one I own is a denim-ish one. This needs to change on the immediate.

What I Ate:

When it comes to choosing where I eat during my breaks I don’t go by what I’m in the mood for – instead I go by who has the shortest line that day. Today, it was Wendy’s. I usually order off the value menu but my eyes wandered over to the other half of the menu and I remembered that baconators exist. So I had a yolo moment and ordered one. Well, the baby version of it. I’m not trying to go into cardiac arrest while cashing out a customer. Some day, I’ll get ready for work early and make myself a meal at home. Until then, questionable deadly but kinda delicious mall food will have to do.

Left work at a decent time. Flo warned me that she didn’t cook dinner that night and left me to fend for myself. There’s no fucking way I’m eating fast food twice in one day. I love junk food but I’m not that insane. So I decided to go have a solo date at B’ville Diner. Plus, I wanted some pancakes.

In case you were wondering, pounding down cups of coffee any time around midnight is a bad idea if you eventually want to go to sleep. P.S. instagram even makes cups of mediocre diner coffee look awesome.

My friends ask me why I still come here. And I should be honest, I enjoy the drive out there – especially in the summer and especially with my windows down while singing along to whatever is blasting. (Apparently Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga seemed to be on the radio every 2 seconds that night, hence this post’s title. Plus I just fucking love me some Gaga.)  Also, how could I not be in love with the decor? Drinking cups of coffee and contemplating the hot mess that is my life to a jukebox in a  1950s looking diner is pretty legit if you ask me.

I should remind you all that I’m in my very early 20s. Shouldn’t I be out getting weird and wasted at a party or something? Nope I fast forwarded like 40 years and headed straight to eating alone at local establishments. I don’t give any fucks now and I won’t give any fucks 40 years from now either. Dining alone is fun if you do it right.

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Weekend Warrior

I’ve been doing a terrible job at keeping up with posts lately. So I’ll just combine Thursday – Sunday and make this one big gigantic post. Enjoy! 🙂

What I wore on Thursday:

Pretty sure this day was full of cafe hopping for me. I guess you could call me a wild one. Apparently taking my kind home would be considered as a home run. I’ll stop now…

Dress- Old Navy

Bandeau – Forever 21

Necklace – Topshop

Found this LBD in the wayyy back of my closet. It still fits me, I might move this one towards the front of my closet. Typewriter necklace is more than a cute accessory. It also saves cheap forgotten dresses from looking blah.

Bathroom selfie! Because my shower curtains are super cool. P.S. finally found my long lost tube of red lipstick! My fuschia lip stain from Tarte is cool and all but I’ve been lost without my red lipstick. In case anyone’s interested it’s Rimmel moisture renew in Red Alert.

What I ate on Thursday:

Sometimes, I cook. But I can only successfully cook breakfast foods. If any of you fellas are looking for a lady to make you breakfast holla at me! You’re on your own for lunch and dinner though. Anyways bagel sandwiches are as fancy as I get (so far.) this one has scrambled eggs, bacon, and American cheese on a plain bagel. My toaster is from the 90s and isn’t wide enough to toast bagels for some reason. Whoever used it last put it on a high setting so my bagel was 75% burnt 😦 Besides that I was pretty proud of myself. And yes, that’s apple juice in a kitty pint cup.

First of many caramel macchiato with soy lipstick stained lids pictures. I’m sure all you ladies understand this problem-o. Expensive stuff, cheap stuff, any lip stuff managed to leave its mark all over my drinks.

Oh heyyy girl! One of my BFFs Megan just became a barista at my usual Starbucks. I don’t think you guys understand how incredibly perfect this is? And now all of the other baristas are fully aware that I do in fact have friends! Shit, I even ran into people that day and sat with them instead of creeping the night away in the corner on my laptop. But yeah, leave this lady a nice tip.

After my solo writing sesh/impromptu hang out sesh, I headed over to Roji Tea Lounge for quality time with one of my lovely bro friends. Roji Tea Lounge is one of those places I love but are on my list of places to never be seen alone at. I’m sure it’s doable, but it’s such a small space that it’s hard to get any privacy among everyone else. It’s always my go-to late night hang out spot when I’m feeling too fancy for diners. I settled for my usual – taro bubble tea with soy and cinnamon cookies. Delish and nicely presented as always.

What I wore on Friday:

Friday afternoon movie sesh with one of my besties because matinee prices are the bomb!! We saw Prometheus, which was crazy awesome. Go see it if you haven’t already! My friend paid me in a gigantic cherry slushie and some popcorn for driving. No pictures of that because my ipod died when we arrived and it was too dark in the theatre to take it on my Blackberry 😦

Shirt – H&M

Jeans – Delia’s

Lace, beige, and it ties up in the front! Perfect summer top much? It shows the right amount of skin to not make it look like it’s too small on me or that I’m an ultra mega super duper skank. I think I’ve had these jeans since I was 15 when I discovered the magical wonders of skinny jeans. I haven’t grown much in the past decade come to think of it. Shit Delia’s doesn’t even exist in my mall anymore. I think it’s time I go jeans shopping sometime in the near future.

What I wore on Sunday:

Saturday was filled with sleeping in and moping around the house in sweatpants because I was too  broke/unmotivated to go out. Sooo let’s just fast forward to Sunday!

V-Neck – Forever 21

Skirt – Forever 21

I threw this together less than 30 minutes before my Dad and I left the house. Actually, I wear this outfit/one similar to it pretty often. This is one of my all-time classic “casual-cool-but-I-don’t-wanna-try-that-hard-but-I’ll-try-hard-enough-to-not-look-like-a-basic-bum” looks.

Moccasins – Aldo

These are my cute but comfy I don’t give a fuck shoes. I’m fully aware that boat shoes have become the new moccasin (if that makes sense? hopefully it makes sense.) buuut I don’t have fancy Sperry boat shoes money at the moment (I wish I did. I want need a pair) annnd boat shoes would’ve looked terrible with this outfit anyways. Unfortunately, these aren’t the fluffy interior kind of moccs but that means they’re good for summer,spring, and fall!

What I ate on Sunday:

Spent a majority of my Sunday at my tita and tito’s for a get together to watch the Pacquiao vs. Bradley match. Yes, sometimes, I watch sports. It’s a shocker. I’m crazy shocked too. I’m going to get a little off tangent and say that the outcome of that match was utter and crazy bullshit. That is all I have to say about that. ANYWAYS – I killed plenty of time waiting for the match to start by stuffing pancit noodles and chicken adobo into my mouth. It’s kinda funny, before I left for college I went through a phase where I got sick of Filipino food for awhile. Hear me out – it’s delicious – but wouldn’t you get a little sick of eating some sort of variation of meat, rice, and/or noodles almost every single night for 18 years? Not to mention I was kind of a picky eater when I was a kid. But now I can honestly say I appreciate it. Home cooked meals are fucking awesome. I need to learn how to cook Filipino food before I move out into the real world. Shit, I need to learn how to cook a meal period before I move out into the real world. Food plans and meal cards don’t exist outside of college and I’m sure living off of microwave meals and take out would be a terrible life choice.


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Comeback Kid

Sorry I mysteriously disappeared everyone! I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out last week. I literally spent the past week in sweat pants eating jello, pudding, and soup while on 3 different types of medications. There was no way in hell I was going to let anyone see my hideous chipmunk cheeks. I know it sounds like it’d be adorable – but it totes wasn’t.

What I Wore:

We’ve been having strange weather lately – sweater weather.

Sweater – H&M

Tank top – H&M

Jeans – Charlotte Russe

Shoes – Aldo

(Holy shit I got the entire outfit in 1 selfie! Good for me.) You guys are well aware of my minty green obsession. And it’s pretty preppy which gets a totes adorbs in my book. I really like pairing it with prints underneath to make it stand out. I don’t normally shop at Charlotte Russe, but one day I wandered in and apparently they were having some crazy $10 denim deal over the course of that hour so I figured hey, why not (YOLOOOO). They fit alright but they’re not the best pair of jeans I’ve ever worn. I’m 4’10” so finding properly fitted bottoms are a complete nightmare for me! Part of the reason why I rarely wear pants…

Glasses – Guess

I wear glasses occasionally. Usually when I’m driving, taking notes in class, or way too lazy to put on eye make up. It’s hard to make out but they have a zebra print detail. I went through a zebra print phase at some point in high school, which is how long I’ve had these frames. I think my next pair should be from Warby Parker. I like having options.

What I ate:

Yes, I’m still unemployed. I probably shouldn’t be hanging out at cafes as often as I do. But I was pretty pumped to be able to go out and about after my hellish week. All of the spots with outlets at Cafe 407 were taken so I decided to claim the entire crazy adorable painted table. I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and order one of the coffees of the day  – chocolate cinnamon hazelnut. I love all 3 flavors, so I figured what could possibly go wrong? They didn’t leave enough room for milk and they didn’t even have soy milk out as an option – that’s how things went wrong! I made it work like Tim Gunn and added as much sugar and skim milk as I could without overflowing it. Turned out pretty decent.

I can’t resist sweets. Especially cupcakes. I believe this one was a chai tea cupcake with vanilla frosting. It was absolutely delightful. I could’ve devoured it within seconds but I controlled myself. It was moist enough – if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a cupcake that’s as dry as a desert. It was pretty sweet and had a little spicy chai kick to it. I need to become BFFs with whoever bakes there!

My mom left for the Philippines about a week ago so my dad’s basically been feeding me Wegmans food. I’m 100% okay with this. Whenever I have a sushi craving but can’t afford to go to a restaurant I usually settle for Weggies. As far as non-restaurant sushi goes it’s pretty great. Except for this roll. I got a california roll with brown rice and sesame seeds. The rice was extremely gooey and mushy. The insides were still good at least.

Finished off my day out with a Bville Diner trip. After craving meat and solid food for the past couple of days I have no idea why I got a cheese omelette with potatoes and toast. My obsession with breakfast food (technically this was brinner) is legendary and a little ironic. I’m a total night owl and rarely ever eat breakfast when its supposed to be eaten. This is probably explains my frequent diner trips. That and Syracuse has 0 places to hang out at past 11 pm that aren’t bars. Not that I have a problem with bars or anything, bars just have a problem with me not being 21 (3 months and 2 days to go ya’ll!)

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Awkward Introduction

The first post is always the most awkward. But they’re necessary. So here’s a quick list of reasons why I decided to start this blog:

1. My summer vacation just started which gives me time to regularly look after a blog.

2. I wanted to take another shot at doing the whole fashion blog thing again.

3. I spend 87% of my time either hanging around cafes or going out to eat.

4. I’m incredibly indecisive so I decided that it’d be interesting to combine the two loves of my life.

I should also warn you that I am by no means an expert on either of these topics. I’m just a girly girl who has a social life that revolves around good food. I do not own a high quality camera- YET – I’m working on that part. So please bare with me on the quality of my pictures. Some days my outfit will be cooler than where or what I’m eating and vice versa. And then there will be the rare moments where I get it right and they’re both equally as awesome. The main goal is just to have fun and share cool shit with the world in the most entertaining way possible.

P.S. this blog was created at a Starbucks while drinking a Mocha Cookie Crumble frap. If it wasn’t frappucino happy hour, I’d be drinking my usual (grande caramel macchiato w/ soy.) I was pleased with this choice, and who would turn down a $2 frap?

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