Comeback Kid

Sorry I mysteriously disappeared everyone! I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out last week. I literally spent the past week in sweat pants eating jello, pudding, and soup while on 3 different types of medications. There was no way in hell I was going to let anyone see my hideous chipmunk cheeks. I know it sounds like it’d be adorable – but it totes wasn’t.

What I Wore:

We’ve been having strange weather lately – sweater weather.

Sweater – H&M

Tank top – H&M

Jeans – Charlotte Russe

Shoes – Aldo

(Holy shit I got the entire outfit in 1 selfie! Good for me.) You guys are well aware of my minty green obsession. And it’s pretty preppy which gets a totes adorbs in my book. I really like pairing it with prints underneath to make it stand out. I don’t normally shop at Charlotte Russe, but one day I wandered in and apparently they were having some crazy $10 denim deal over the course of that hour so I figured hey, why not (YOLOOOO). They fit alright but they’re not the best pair of jeans I’ve ever worn. I’m 4’10” so finding properly fitted bottoms are a complete nightmare for me! Part of the reason why I rarely wear pants…

Glasses – Guess

I wear glasses occasionally. Usually when I’m driving, taking notes in class, or way too lazy to put on eye make up. It’s hard to make out but they have a zebra print detail. I went through a zebra print phase at some point in high school, which is how long I’ve had these frames. I think my next pair should be from Warby Parker. I like having options.

What I ate:

Yes, I’m still unemployed. I probably shouldn’t be hanging out at cafes as often as I do. But I was pretty pumped to be able to go out and about after my hellish week. All of the spots with outlets at Cafe 407 were taken so I decided to claim the entire crazy adorable painted table. I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and order one of the coffees of the day  – chocolate cinnamon hazelnut. I love all 3 flavors, so I figured what could possibly go wrong? They didn’t leave enough room for milk and they didn’t even have soy milk out as an option – that’s how things went wrong! I made it work like Tim Gunn and added as much sugar and skim milk as I could without overflowing it. Turned out pretty decent.

I can’t resist sweets. Especially cupcakes. I believe this one was a chai tea cupcake with vanilla frosting. It was absolutely delightful. I could’ve devoured it within seconds but I controlled myself. It was moist enough – if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a cupcake that’s as dry as a desert. It was pretty sweet and had a little spicy chai kick to it. I need to become BFFs with whoever bakes there!

My mom left for the Philippines about a week ago so my dad’s basically been feeding me Wegmans food. I’m 100% okay with this. Whenever I have a sushi craving but can’t afford to go to a restaurant I usually settle for Weggies. As far as non-restaurant sushi goes it’s pretty great. Except for this roll. I got a california roll with brown rice and sesame seeds. The rice was extremely gooey and mushy. The insides were still good at least.

Finished off my day out with a Bville Diner trip. After craving meat and solid food for the past couple of days I have no idea why I got a cheese omelette with potatoes and toast. My obsession with breakfast food (technically this was brinner) is legendary and a little ironic. I’m a total night owl and rarely ever eat breakfast when its supposed to be eaten. This is probably explains my frequent diner trips. That and Syracuse has 0 places to hang out at past 11 pm that aren’t bars. Not that I have a problem with bars or anything, bars just have a problem with me not being 21 (3 months and 2 days to go ya’ll!)


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