Edge Of Glory

What I Wore:

Excuse my unintentional messy up do. It was Monday and I was doing my cashier thing all day. Gimme a break.

Top – Forever 21

Skirt – H&M

Basically, it’s a cuter take on a white t-shirt and denim concept. I didn’t mean to do that at first, it just kinda happened. And then I realized what I did, and I went with it and never looked back.

I think that shirt was one of the very first things I ever bought from F21. I’ve also been shopping there since I was 12. Which is hilarious because armies of tweens who come into my store annoy me half the time. For those of you who are my friends on Facebook you probably know about my “are you fucking kidding me moment” that I had with one that day hahaha.

Side note, I need more skirts like this. I don’t know why I don’t own more of them and why the only one I own is a denim-ish one. This needs to change on the immediate.

What I Ate:

When it comes to choosing where I eat during my breaks I don’t go by what I’m in the mood for – instead I go by who has the shortest line that day. Today, it was Wendy’s. I usually order off the value menu but my eyes wandered over to the other half of the menu and I remembered that baconators exist. So I had a yolo moment and ordered one. Well, the baby version of it. I’m not trying to go into cardiac arrest while cashing out a customer. Some day, I’ll get ready for work early and make myself a meal at home. Until then, questionable deadly but kinda delicious mall food will have to do.

Left work at a decent time. Flo warned me that she didn’t cook dinner that night and left me to fend for myself. There’s no fucking way I’m eating fast food twice in one day. I love junk food but I’m not that insane. So I decided to go have a solo date at B’ville Diner. Plus, I wanted some pancakes.

In case you were wondering, pounding down cups of coffee any time around midnight is a bad idea if you eventually want to go to sleep. P.S. instagram even makes cups of mediocre diner coffee look awesome.

My friends ask me why I still come here. And I should be honest, I enjoy the drive out there – especially in the summer and especially with my windows down while singing along to whatever is blasting. (Apparently Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga seemed to be on the radio every 2 seconds that night, hence this post’s title. Plus I just fucking love me some Gaga.)  Also, how could I not be in love with the decor? Drinking cups of coffee and contemplating the hot mess that is my life to a jukebox in a  1950s looking diner is pretty legit if you ask me.

I should remind you all that I’m in my very early 20s. Shouldn’t I be out getting weird and wasted at a party or something? Nope I fast forwarded like 40 years and headed straight to eating alone at local establishments. I don’t give any fucks now and I won’t give any fucks 40 years from now either. Dining alone is fun if you do it right.


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