Rainy road trips and lakesides




This past weekend’s day trip took place in Skaneateles. This place is freakin’ adorable. It’s a nice little lake town full of cute places and bougie houses. Lake towns are lovely in the summertime. Sadly the weather was a little uncooperative, but we still had a nice time.



Tunic: Modcloth

Skirt: H&M

Sandals: Aldo

Purse: Kate Spade

Umbrella: Victoria’s Secret

My favorite cat print tunic/dress doubles as a great thing to tuck into skirts. Mega bonus, since it’s super long no accidental awkward underwear flashes here! The umbrella was one of those free items you get after spending x amount of cash money dollars. Turned out to be mega cute and it doesn’t easily blow away during a storm.


After walking around and waiting for the rain to pass we dropped into Skaneateles Bakery. Not sure if they intentionally tried to do something fancy with the foam or if it just decided to look interesting on its own.



Afterwards we went across the street to Doug’s Fish Fry. I had no idea that this place doesn’t exist in Syracuse anymore, just out here. I used to be such a picky eater as a kid and absolutely hated fried haddock, or any fried fish for that matter. Fast forward a decade later into adult world and it looks like I’ve gotten over that picky stage because fried haddock is deliciously flaky. That description could also double as a really mean insult to me if you find me flaky and want to take a jab at my blog. If you do I’ll fight you and by fight I mean be super passive aggressive then subtweet about you later. Doug’s Pale Ale wasn’t half bad either. It was a little bitter but that doesn’t bother me. Another successful mini day trip accomplished!




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3 responses to “Rainy road trips and lakesides

  1. I like that umbrella.

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