Sweater Weather


Umbrella: Clutch

Bag: Aldo

I’m wearing a sweater in June. This upsets me. I’m not upset about being able to use my adorable bubble umbrella though. It’s been through some rough times in Buffalo so it’s a little banged up. Still adorable and still keeps me and my personal bubble dry. I spent this rainy day planning and re-writing this novel I’ve been on again off again working on over the past few years. Rainy days just force you to stay in and get shit done. I was on my way to a cafe to get shit done, because you might as well treat yourself while you’re being productive right. I ended up rewarding myself with a diner date with some friends afterwards. Double score.


Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Leggings: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Aldo

Alright, time for a little anecdote. When I was a fashion design minor for barely a semester at Buff State, we had to go around and ask people what trends were in/out for the season. The girl next to me asked me and I said something along the lines of “floral prints really aren’t too original for spring, but I personally like them anyways.” Next class I was feeling lazy so I threw on a pair of floral print leggings. This girl has the nerve to call me out on this fashion “faux pas” in front of the entire class. We all just looked at her like she was bat shit crazy, because that was a bat shit crazy thing to say to another human being. I honestly don’t care if floral prints are out, I like them okay. And that’s my favorite story from when I was a fashion student for literally 10 seconds. I really hope my friends from that class are reading this and still find it just as I do.

As Meryl Streep said in The Devil Wears Prada “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

As I say all the time “I like floral prints and choose to allow them to take up 40% of my wardrobe because long hair don’t care.”


This is currently my favorite sweater because it’s a size too big on me which makes it extra cozy and it has adorable elbow patches. It was one of those items that sold out really quickly during the holiday season, then a customer returned one of them 2 months later and it was marked down to like a fraction of the original price.


Earrings: Topshop

My fox earrings were another good sale find, I think I got this pair in while I was in Las Vegas. I love adding to my quirky jewelry collection. If it’s an animal or a miniature version of a small item, I’ll probably wear it around my neck or dangling from my ears. On my fingers and around my wrist if I’m lucky and it’s a piece of jewelry that will fit my twiggy limbs.


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