Get me a vodka rocks, and a piece of toast.


Alright, so season 4 of Arrested Development is out and I’m still only midway through season 3 (I just got into it give me a break sorry). So of course I’m avoiding the social media as much as I possibly can because everyone spoils everything always. We’ll see how long this lasts. Figured I’d get dolled up and do something.


Dramatic hair and skirt blowing in the wind shot, totally unnecessary or totally necessary? I can’t resist skirts that have dramatic flow.


Sweater – Urban Outfitters

Skirt – Target

I’ll probably never leave this cardigan open because the lace is so pretty. I’m usually never a fan of orange, but I’m a fan of chevron. I didn’t think I could pull off the color, actually I’m still not sure if I’m pulling it off. Today I finally realized this skirt has pockets. Alright let’s be honest I can’t fit all of the contents of my purse into two pockets but it’s nice to know I have somewhere to place my hands.

Shoes – Nasty Gal

These kitty loafers are ALMOST purrrfect. They’re a half size big and still a teeny bit loose with terry cloth insoles. But come on they’re LEOPARD PRINT KITTY LOAFERS. If I could have black velvet kitty mary jane wedges I’d probably die.


Backpack – Aldo

Sure it’s totally useless when it comes to lugging around my stuff for school but it’s great for mini trips and adventures as long as I pack light.


My first Roji trip since I’ve been home and I didn’t order a bubble tea. I blame the unusual chilly weather. I got lavender tea and cinnamon cookies instead. Just as lovely. Tea party time with my friend Amberlee helped distract me from the internet for a few hours. Excuse me while I watch Netflix non-stop until I’m all caught up now!


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