HBD Deliciously Dressed!

Deliciously Dressed is exactly 1 year old today according to the notification WordPress sent me today. Hooray! I bought a cupcake for the occasion, but I’m an awful driver and it doesn’t look cute enough to photograph anymore. It probably still tastes like a cupcake though, thank goodness. 


Dress – Delia’s

Shoes – Aldo

Went out to lunch with the boyfriend earlier. It’s been awhile since I had a lunch date that wasn’t on campus so I decided to get spiffy. Plus it’s DD’s birthday so I have to look good right? I swear my hair buns get bigger and bigger with every post. 


I’m happy to announce that I finally own my camera and will be taking my own photos from now on! Isn’t that lovely? I’m still getting used to this thing so be patient with me please. I hope to become a MUCH better photographer over time with tons of practice of course.

But yeah, holy shit, this blog’s a year old. I feel like I’ve made some progress and learned a few things. Obviously I’ve gone from iphone mirror shots, to a photographer, to finally being able to take my own pictures. I’m still no where near where I want to be as a blogger but I’m happy I stuck with it for this long. Fully aware my little baby blog isn’t anything huge but I love and appreciate everyone who follows along. It does mean a lot to me. 🙂

Either way, I have a ton of fun doing this. And I hope that  those of you who actually read this blog enjoy it as much as I do. That’s what’s important I suppose. I still have tons to learn and some more plans in store for the future, so hopefully you all still stick around for another year because I secretly hope you all keep coming back for either my outfits and/or because I’m hilarious! xoxo 



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2 responses to “HBD Deliciously Dressed!

  1. There is a serious lack of food Celina!!

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