Camera Obscura


I went down to the waterfront to watch the sunset and take pictures for my final photography assignment. We ran into each other and this mini last minute photo shoot happened.


Top – H&M

Skirt- Urban outfitters

Necklace – H&M

Purse – Kate Spade

Shoes – Aldo

I guess there’s just something about me wearing peplums to the waterfront. I know I said I didn’t plan on buying more peplum-related items but it was on sale and fits well. Also, flats and sand are an awful combination. I’m still shaking sand out of them.


Stuff I took pictures of that day that better turn out nice:

– The lighthouse

– Awkward couples

– A boat passing by

– Teenagers walking their cat on a leash

– And obviously the sunset

Photo credit: Erik Wahlstrom



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4 responses to “Camera Obscura

  1. Such a cute look, love the brightness of the skirt and the necklace!

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