Save The Princess


Frolicked around Delaware Park last Thursday before class. Someone running over the bridge saw us taking pictures and screamed “you look like a princess”.

I’m glad the world is finally starting to accept that I am indeed a princess.




Cardigan – Delia’s

Lace camisole – Forever 21

Skirt – Target

Tights – Anthropologie

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell


One of my pointless trips to Target ended up being a total success. Sure I didn’t need a lavender maxi skirt, a sock bun, or fuchsia barbie pink lipstick but now I can’t live without any of them. Campus is windy (as always) and my new skirt was dramatically flowing behind me all day. High-low maxi skirts = capes for your legs. Also, why did it take me this long to use a sock bun? I don’t think I do it correctly every time I use it but my hair usually turns out pretty nice.







Oh and before I forget these photos and the photos from my last post, Fluorescent Adolescent,were taken by, Erik Wahlstrom. Go check out his other work and hire him. I promise he’s awesome.


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