Fluorescent Adolecent


Ok so technically spring break ended a few days ago, but I’m dedicating the next two posts to it anyways.

I stuck around Buffalo for a few extra days because of work. I met up with some friends from my photography class at Spot Coffee on Delaware and Chippewa.  The plan was to mosey around downtown to do our photo assignment (we had to take pictures of people we knew/didn’t know. Typical intro to photo stuff I’m sure)

Luckily one of my friends had their DSLR camera on them and was happy to take a few pictures of me.


This happens to be my camera 🙂




And this is me getting my picture taken while derpin’ around Spot


Blazer: H&M

Corset: Urban Outfitters

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: H&M

I remember when I was having dinner with my friends a few weeks ago they all told me that they’re so used to seeing me in mostly black with a pop or two of color. They hit the nail on the head for one of my reliable go-to’s ha ha ha.


It was spring break. I wanted it to be spring. If I wear bright colors and disregard outerwear that means it’ll get warmer right?




Hair tip that everyone probably knows – dirty hair is the easiest thing to curl and looks fabulous.




Close ups because why not


Right before this was taken, I was walking around Shea’s on that really rocky gravely street that’s under construction. I lost my balance and fell flat on my ass. Typical Celina move.


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