Worn This Way

Sorry lovelies, I’ve been having weird issues with WordPress for the past month and my wifi on campus isn’t the best. But I’m back.

Anyways – Jonathan and I went to Toronto the weekend before Valentine’s Day. He bought me tickets to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball for my birthday back in September. Of course we’d get attacked by the worst snow storm of the season the on our way up, but that didn’t stop us!


I love Lady Gaga. Deal with it. I won’t bore you with my personal story as to why I do, but if you’re interested just ask.


Top: Custom, Modern Pop Culture

Shorts: Custom, Modern Pop Culture

Of course I’m gonna go to my go-to DIY guy Nathan/my place of internshipping for a one of a kind outfit. The black lace cami was sitting in the back of my closet and I figured it had some potential. After shooting some ideas around we ended up with this! It turned out great and I plan on wearing it again and again. Luckily for me the high wasted dip denim cut offs were from a no-show customer last summer. Their loss because they fit me perfectly and look stellar!


Socks: Forever 21

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, NastyGal.com

The piece de resistance – JC Spiked Litas. Nasty Gal was selling them for $90 a few months ago. How could I pass that deal up?! A giant snow storm isn’t going to stop me from looking fierce.

I’ll admit, they’re not usually my style but I’ll make them work into my wardrobe because I love them so much. I do enjoy pairing feminine pieces with edgier items.


Omg Cat Woman’s all up in my hotel room! No wait, that’s just me.


Mask: H&M

My friend Samantha and I were supposed to be window shopping in H&M. Then she spotted this bedazzled satin cat mask. I mean, aside from Halloween, where else could I get away with wearing a cat mask just because. Now I can channel my inner Selena Kyle/Cat Woman whenever wherever – within reason. Or maybe I can finally pursue my life long dream of becoming Cat Woman in real life. I mean my name is already Celina and what not.


Sweater: Topshop

Pants: Free People

Purse: Kate Spade

Comfiest thickest warmest sweater I own, and it was on sale! I’ll eventually take a better picture of my Kate Spade bag because it’s perfect.


Bangs appreciation. My bangs were looking mighty fine that day just because.



Our hotel was near the Toronto Eaton Centre, so we had a quick breakfast there before our tourist filled afternoon.


I bet you can guess who chose to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame

Jonathan caught me taking a selfie with the Stanley Cup.


It was this selfie. Side note, it was a pretty cool place despite the fact that I know nothing about hockey. Also, hockey trophies are mega bougie. I appreciate that.


So. Shiny. Must touch but must not…



Somehow I got convinced to play virtual hockey. I did poorly. This is the part where I mention that my boyfriend is some type of big deal in hockey back in my hometown. I guess he holds records at West Genesee and SU?  He’s also a die hard Buffalo Sabres fan aka I’m probably the number 2 reason he frequently visits Buffalo. But yeah fun facts about my boyfriend.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that he kicked my ass in virtual hockey.


I lost my poutine v-card in Toronto. I’m not gonna lie this kinda looks like shit and has a ridiculous name. Gravy and cheese curds on fries didn’t sound too appealing to me at first. But it’s such a perfect combo that I could die. I might get a duel citizenship because of it.


After our hockey-filled afternoon, we had a very romantic dinner date at Jacques Bistro du Parc. Started the meal off with escargot. I’ve only ever had escargot once. In my 9th grade French class we got extra credit for trying it. I wish it tasted as good as this batch did.


We both ordered salmon and a few glasses of chardonnay. I had the grilled salmon, which was probably the best salmon I’ve ever had and probably will have for a very long time. One of the many things I love about French food are the portions. I’m able to finish a plateful (which is usually rare as you all know) and stay full.


Since there was room for dessert, I got a lovely little slice of raspberry tart.

Seriously, if you’re ever in Toronto and can somehow get reservations or get lucky enough to be seated without them(like us!), do it. Right meow.


After dinner we went to see an improv show at Second City. I ordered a Blue Hawaiian because I heard someone order it on Mad Men once. Being an alcoholic was socially acceptable in the 1960s therefore the mixed drinks from that era are probably incredible!

Oh and the show was pretty great. I know a ton of my comedy heroes came straight out of Second City so it was pretty cool to finally go to a show there.


The next day, we visited Kensington Market and had lunch at Oishia Kada. I’ve been obsessed with this cup ever since. If anyone knows where I can get this or something like it, then for the love of everything that is adorable please tell me!


Yes it’s absolutely necessary that Jonathan and I eat sushi in every city that we travel to. From what I remember, they had awesome lunch deals on Sundays and I enjoyed my sushi very much. Knowing me I probably got something with crab in it.


Yeah, you guessed it, I made us stop for more crepes. This was a cinnamon sugar one. And the folded portable kind which I haven’t seen since I was in San Francisco a million years ago!


I was mega cold and saw a sign out front for Nutella lattes. Of course I’m going to get one.


Ending my trip in the most Canadian way possible, at Tim Horton’s with a coffee and maple donut.


Toronto you’re a lovely city. Now that I’m aware of how lovely you are and seeing that I live 2 hours away from you, I should drop by more often.


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