Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Warning: This post is like 80% touristy photos of my boyfriend Jonathan and I when we were in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Also, expect many goofy facial expressions because I can’t take serious photos when it comes to situations like this.


Woke up at the crack ass of dawn. I couldn’t sleep so we made weird faces the entire plane ride.


I literally begged Jonathan to take me to an In N Out before we did anything in Vegas. No regrets. Just awesome cheeseburgers and chocolate milkshakes.


Jonathan’s a huge fan of HIMYM so I bought him suitjamas for his birthday. I am the coolest girlfriend ever.


We went out with Jonathan’s family to Pamapas Brazilian Grille for his birthday dindin. I had no idea it was one of those places where they serve you food on those sword thingys (yes that is the professional terminology for that.) The first thing that ran through my head was that Brazilian restaurant from Bridesmaids. The last thing I need is anything coming out of me like lava while I’m cruising down the streets of Vegas. But this place was fantastic and the only tummy problem I had was from being stuffed. I literally got every bacon wrapped item they offered me.


My boyfriend’s one of those weird freakish people who hates chocolate. So it was pretty hilarious that he got a free chocolate mousse cake. Which I happily devoured because someone had to.


Post dinner we did go to Minus 5, that ice bar with that ridiculous cover price but is kinda cool because everything is literally made of ice. I don’t have any pictures because phones weren’t allowed inside. After 45 mins of being cold and unable to afford their ridiculously priced drinks, we decided to gamble a bit. Which we’re clearly not good at…


Happy derp day. Reason number 4 why I love Las Vegas: Free drinks in the casino area!


I think we ended up at the Mirage for whatever reason and I made Jonathan take a picture of my outfit.

Top – Urban Outfitters

Blazer- H&M

Shorts – Forever21

This is the only peplum that looks remotely good on me by the way.


Yeah I did end up giving in and getting one of those gigantic alcoholic tourist drinks because well I am a tourist. I think this was a pineapple and amaretto daquiri.


The next day, Jonathan I went to go see The Beatles Cirque du Soleil show at the Mirage.


Dress – Modcloth

This is currently my favorite thing to wear at the moment. I love everything about it! The shade of red is perfect, the collar is precious, and it flatters my body pretty well.


Earrings – Top Shop

There was a gigantic sale and I couldn’t resist these fox shaped earrings!


Headband – Top shop

I also couldn’t resist this black velvet jeweled headband that I saw shortly after I spotted those fox earrings.


For whatever reason, we somehow got upgraded to front row seats. I wanted proof so I decided to take a picture before the show. Then I got yelled at.


By some miracle I woke up before noon one day and we headed over to Crepe Expectations for brunch. 3 decently sample sized mimosas for $10?! Yes please. If I remember correctly we ordered mango, passion fruit, and pomegranate. If it were socially acceptable to start all of my mornings off with mimosas I totally would.


I usually order sweet desert crepes but I was mega hungry and went for something more savory. This big ole crepe was stuffed with ham, scrambled egg, Swiss cheese, and mushrooms. Hands down one of the loveliest brunches/crepes I’ve ever had. The whole restaurant was absolutely precious in purple and the owner was probably one of the friendliest people to ever exist. I need to move out here, or at least learn how to make crepes.


Sorry I can’t remember the name of this sushi restaurant, but it’s in Chinatown/near the strip. I shouldn’t be allowed to go to all you can eat sushi places because I’m always this close to dying from a sushi coma. Ugh seriously though we ordered everything. Like sashimi, nigiri, crazy unique rolls everything.


Having a tourist moment at the Venetian.

Skirt – Target

I’m a huge fan of chevron. I’m rarely a huge fan of orange. But it strangely works for me.


Another tourist moment on our gondola ride. Is it weird that I think the gondolier outfits are crazy adorable and I’d totally wear them? I also just realized that our gondolier was totally creeping in on our selfie, which makes him even more fantastic. All I remember about him is that his name is Santino and that he sang a lovely cover of “That’s Amore”.


There’s a surprising amount of gelato places in every single casino. This was probably an espresso or creme brulee flavored one because those are  my usual go-to’s.


Going off tangent to show you all how effortlessly cool and bad ass Jonathan can be sometimes.


Shortly after the above photo was taken, we met up with my dad’s best friend from back in the day at the Bellagio for drinks at the Petrossian Bar. This was probably the fanciest thing we did all vacation. We drank a couple of Sidecars, various other fruity cocktails, a whole lot of sparkling water, and ate plenty of fancy cheese while listening to my Tito Allen’s awesome stories about working at the Aria. Another fun fact, apparently they filmed some scenes from Ocean’s Eleven at this bar. So if you ever watch that movie with me expect me to yell out “I got drinks and ate cheese there once!” forever.


The next night we got all fancy again because we managed to get last minute tickets to O at the Bellagio. Honestly if you ever see one Cirque du Soleil show, go see that one. I promise it’s worth it.


That night was also our last full night in Vegas. I figured we’d end it the way we began it – at In N Out. It was a bittersweet goodbye as you can see. But seriously why doesn’t In N Out exist on the east coast?! It’s like they’re forcing me to consider moving out to the west coast. Overall I had a blast, and I’d totally return to Vegas in a heart beat.

I figured I’d save all of my extremely tourist-y pictures for the very end. I also have a few other photos on my Instagram (LinaBonBon) If you wanted to check that out. Enjoy!


Making a quick drunk phone call in a fake telephone booth.



Freemont Street




Reminding you all just how tiny I am in front of the Luxor.




I took a ridiculous amount of photos of the Bellagio Fountains. It’s the simplest thing in the world but I found it amusing enough to take thousands of photos whenever we were in the area. How can you not love fountains choreographed to popular songs?! Plus it’s free. Fun things are rarely free.


Oh hey look how adorable and realistic fake Paris looks!





Year of the Snake garden exhibit at the Bellagio.


A giant sinking boat from a random pirate show.





Typical pictures of all of the surrounding buildings. My one main rule for traveling is that you’re allowed to be all tourist-y your first visit. (2 first visits in case you don’t get to see everything. after that, go do  more exploring and be cool!)


Ironically enough this was my very last tourist stop since it’s right next to the airport.



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  1. Meggie

    I literally love this and I love you.

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