Foux Du Fafa

If you understand what I’m referencing in this post title or know whether or not it’s an actual French word – holla at me si vous plait because you’re probably tres awesome.

Skirt – H&M

Please excuse the horrible lighting. I promise this skirt looks way better in person. I think this was my very first high wasted skirt I ever bought and it’s still in great condition after all these years!

Shirt – Forever 21

Super close up because this is the main reason why I bought this shirt. The other reason being that it’s mint green. This is specifically part of Forever 21’s Love 21 line which is my favorite line by them next to Heritage. Collar tips in general are just bad ass and classy, I need to get my hands on more!

Selfie because my cat eyeliner was looking extra cool. I’ve been getting better at taking secret selfies while I’m out with people. I’m fully aware that 97% of my skills are completely useless.

Nail polishes: Blanc by Essie, can’t remember the name of the black one but it’s discontinued on Essie, and OPI for Sephora matte top coat.

Black and white half moon mani because I was too lazy/my nails get wrecked at work to do anything too crazy but I thought I deserved a nice mani in general.

Went out to dinner at L’Adour in downtown the other night. I’ve always been curious about this place and I was super pumped to finally dine there! I was instantly pumped by the adorable personal glass bottle of water that they give you.

Started off with the cheese platter appetizer. The menu didn’t list what cheeses were on it and I am no cheese expert so excuse my lack of fancy words. I liked the soft gooey cheeses the best. The harder ones, not so much. They were a bit too strong. And yes a lactose intolerant girl like myself should’ve known better than to order a plate of cheese. Oh well too late now!

Potatoes Au Gratin came with my meal. Had a conversation over dinner about favorite forms of potatoes. This is probably in my top 5. But seriously, think of how many delicious things potatoes can be made into. Keep doin’ your thang potatoes!

Medium rare duck breast with honey lavender sauce because I was gettin’ bougie. The portion was perfect for my appetite and I love duck so nothing could’ve possibly gone wrong here.

Creme Brulee and fruit for dessert! French desserts are so lovely and heavenly. It’s a mystery how French people are so goddamn skinny. Obviously had a fantastic first experience at L’Adour!



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3 responses to “Foux Du Fafa

  1. so jealous of your selfie skills.

  2. Kate Johnson

    Thanks You are sweet.

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