I’ve been a busy busy busy lady lately but I’ve been taking pictures over the past few weeks sooo get ready for a long ass post or two! It’s my last week in the cuse so I’m obviously going to hit up every single place I love in town (and some new ones) before I leave.

I’d like to kick off this rare one hundo percent food post with this. My bestie Meg over at Starbucks obviously love me very much ❤

As you all know, I work at Destiny USA (ugh that’s so awkward to say now. It’ll always be Carousel.) And there’s a Popeye’s there annnd everyone’s been shitting bricks and forming massive lines for it. As an employee who is limited to 30 minute breaks, standing in that massive line is not worth it. I literally had to make a trip out on one of the rare Sundays that I have off just to see what the BFD was. And I understood what the BFD was. Like this chicken is bananas. b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Even their side dishes kick ass. It’s probably a good thing that I’m impatient and have limited breaks because I probably would’ve turned into a chicken filled blubbery hot mess from eating it every single day.

Oh hey guys, it’s my friend Alexa/spacevagabond hanging out with me at Roji Tea Lounge! Look at her model those almond vanilla cookies Vanna White style. And look at my safe choice of Taro bubble tea with soy and cinnamon cookies. Totes delish to the max.

Instead of taking pictures of all the same things I get on half off sushi Mondays, figured it’d make more sense to take a picture of something new. I tried the lasagna roll and it was, interesting. Who thought cheese + california roll = surprisingly awesome. Food math, can you dig it?

These pictures are horribly out of order but I decided to save the best meal for last. Someone surprised me and took me out to Lemon Grass in Armory Square. I’ve only been there twice: On Valentine’s Day many years ago with someone that I used to know and with my parents right after my high school graduation. We started out with the lobster dip appetizer. Actually, I think the previous two times I went I started out with that, because it’s obviously awesome.

I went with the orange tamarind for my entree. In case anyone was wondering – I usually refer to it as super chicken. Maybe I like duck so much because I can only ever have it at nicer restaurants. Or maybe because it’s beyond awesome.

Even if you’re not into Thai food, please please please for the love of God at least go to Lemon Grass for their deserts. They are the most precious and delicious things in the whole world! I purposely boxed my tasty duck just so I could have room for desert. I went with the Red Balloon. I mean how can you read “raspberry puree frozen with liquid nitrogen” on a desert menu and not be intrigued? And just look at that adorable pink polka dotted cake! Again, probably a good thing I can’t afford Lemon Grass 24/7 because I’d be hyped up on sugar and jiggly wiggly from eating desert every waking second.


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