Gold On The Ceiling


Went on a lunch date with one of my lady friends. We both agreed to wear heels because we’re classy lady friends.


Top – Target, Jason Wu for Target Collection

When the Jason Wu line at Target first came out I flipped all sorts of shit due to excitement. I remember drooling over items on the internet. By the time I was able to go everything was practically gone. Sad face. This top and collection in general is totes adorbs, but I hate it because the sleeves are both ripped. There is a possibility of 3 things: the material is cheap as fuck because well it is Target, the material is delicate as shit because that happens sometimes, I am a lot stronger than I look and must’ve hulked it out when I was crazy angry at something one day.


Bag – Aldo

I’ve had this purse for over a month and I keep forgetting to include it in my posts! Mama Flo got this for me while she was in Philippines. You’re all fully aware of my love for everything mint green. I also love gigantic bags that I can carry my entire life in. It’s literally a black hole. Well, a fabulous mint green hole where lipstick goes missing for a week.


Heels – Aldo

I’ve been dying for a pair of totes perf nude heels and I’ve been lusting after these pretties all summer. They finally went on sale last week so it was obviously meant to be. These shoes are kind of like mullets, but not hideous. Business in the front, party in the back! Breaking in new heels is among the top 10 most painful things ever by the way, but it’s totally necessary.


Mondays off from work are a rare thing which is a tragedy since almost every restaurant in town has their half off deals on Mondays. So a trip to Sakana Ya was a definite must. I also realize that I’ve been on a 3 day sushi eating marathon.


California roll, California loveee. In the citayyy, city of cuse. We keep it sushi rockin’ . If Tupac wrote California Love about the California Roll which is what he should have done in the first place. Maybe it would’ve prevented that whole east coast west coast war. They all obviously just needed to go put on some heels and go on a sushi lunch date to settle their differences. Why wasn’t I born a 90s gangster rapper?


Spicy salmon roll with shrimp, chrunchy things, and more spicy shit on top. These are all technical sushi terms because I am the greatest sushi connoisseur in the universe.


Fruit rollin’ in the deep because this delish babe normally costs like $12 and I had a gift certificate. I love how fancy the plates get as the prices increase. Because that’s how you get people to spend more money on stuff, make it look as fancy as possible.


I’ve mentioned my friend Alexa (spacevagabond) in my posts previously. Well, she was the one I went out with and she convinced me to finally get this. For those of you who have been to Sakana Ya enough, you’ve seen the mysterious and intimidating half bowl full of tuna, white tuna, salmon, and red snapper sashimi float by on the conveyor belt. My philosophy on half off sushi days is to get adventurous and try new things since you’re not paying full price for it. It was beyond good. I feel like I’ve had sashimi before, but I can’t remember when or where. Even though sashimi freaks Alexa out and wouldn’t try a piece, I’m glad she convinced me to eat it all on my own because it was aweeesomeee. If it wasn’t normally $12 I’d probably get it every time I came in. Today was a successful fancy ladies day out. Fancy food for fancy ladies. Get at us!



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5 responses to “Gold On The Ceiling

  1. Lovely post. J’adore those shoes. Tres beau!

    Adieu, scribbler

  2. As soon as I saw, “classy lady friends” I was hooked! Great outfit!

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