O Romeo, Romeo

Taking a quick break from being a girly girl and trying to be casual and bad ass. But let’s be honest – everything I touch turns to dainty delicate girly-ness and unicorn glitter.

Lace bralet – Urban Outfitters

Tank top – Forever 21

Where Urban Outfitters lacks in all around affordable prices, they make up for in kick ass sales. Scored that bralet for under $10! These are almost pretty enough for me to give up regular bras all together. The only awkward thing about these things is that nipples are clearly visible. CLEARLY. I almost walked out the door and jumped in the car to work before I noticed this. But here’s a Celina half assed fashion tip: Band aids are great nipple blockers. I’m sure there’s some fancier classier way to fix that awkward situation but if you’re broke/in a hurry/accident prone and already carry band aids around with you, this will do just fine.

I haven’t bought anything graphic since maybe the 9th grade. I figured a Shakespearean top was appropriate for a budding writer and Shakespeare fan like myself though.

It only took me one day to get myself back into a girly floral print dress…

Dress – Forever 21

This is that dress that I own that people still complicate and I always respond with “Oh! This ole’ thaaaang?” southern twang and all.

I got out of work at a decent enough time to go grab dinner somewhere. I went to Ocean Sushi on Route 57 in Liverpool. This is probably one of my favorite places to dine alone. It’s rarely ever busy and the staff is awesome. I happily ate my salmon lover’s roll (California roll with salmon on top) and crab stick sashimi in peace while I exchanged stories with my waitress. I am that lonely middle aged business man who sits alone at the bar trapped in a tiny 20something year old lady’s body. I showed up at a decent dinner time too, there was maybe one other couple and they left 10 minutes after I sat down at the sushi bar. But if you ever wanted to know what forever alone looked like, it looked exactly like my solo sushi sesh. I just have to accept the fact that I’ll be forever deliciously alone and deliciously dressed.


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