Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

My obsession with girly floral print dresses isn’t a phase – it’s a lifestyle.

Dress – Vintage, Modern Pop Culture

I get to keep this pretty little number because I’m the only one small enough to fit into it (that’s an adult of course). I saw it on the kids’ rack and decided to try it on for fun. Turned out it fit perfectly. It’s slowly becoming one of my favorite dresses of all time.

Shoes – Vintage

I think I’ve posted these before but in case anyone forgot/doesn’t wanna scroll back, these are from a vintage boutique on Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco. They’re totes perf with this dress.

My day off can be perfectly summed up in this PicStitch collage. I went thrifting with one of my besties. I’ve been on a spending spree and figured I’d take it down a notch and save some money. I didn’t buy anything, but we found some interesting laughable stuff as always.

Afterwords, we hit up that new self serve frozen yogurt place on Route 57 in Liverpool. Like how could we not check out a place that’s called Chuckleberry’s. That’s beyond adorable and hilarious. You don’t have a soul if that doesn’t make you at least a little happy. I haven’t been to a self serve froyo place since last summer in NYC. Basically, you pick and choose whatever flavor(s) you want and toppings and pay 50ish cents per ounce and voila. I went with espresso flavored frozen yogurt with chocolate chips and cookie dough bits. This stuff was so great that I’ve invented a new word for self serve froyo that’s totes delish – fro yo-lo. Yeah. Get at me.

Annnd finally our afternoon delight ended at the Starbucks that I frequently spend time at. Iced Caramel macchiatto because let’s pretend that I order something other than that and sweetened passion tea. Espresso on espresso on espresso. That’s just how I do. Also can we just take this moment to appreciate this great candid I took of my BFF? Isn’t he majestic? Okay I’m done creeping on my friend, and in general, for now…



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6 responses to “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

  1. Nate MPC

    Absolute Perfect

  2. I wish I could fit into kids clothes! The dress is really cute, and it’s great paired with those vintage shoes 🙂

  3. your dress looks adorable 🙂

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