Don’t You Leave Me Brokenhearted Tonight

Headed out to the art festival in downtown to do PR shit like the lady boss that I am this past Sunday.  Obvz a good excuse to break out the JC Litas. I did have to work afterwards so I had to swap out my fab shoes for my trusty sandals. It’s not that Litas aren’t comfy, but no matter what shoes I wear to work I always feel like death after 8 hours. Apparently everyone at the art festival went to the mall afterwards because a couple people came through my line referred to me as “the girl with the shoes at the art festival”. I will always try my damn hardest to be the girls with the shoes. Always!

Top – H&M

Jeans – Forever 21

I would love these jeans more if the front pockets were real. The color is wonderful and you can’t go wrong with $10.50 denim. But after reading NYLON’s denim issue I think it’s time that I update my denim collection.

Lemonade mercyyy ’cause this chick was way too thirstyyy that day. I know that those giant lemon lemonade stands just make this shit with water, sugar, and lemons but it just tastes more delicious than your average lemonade. What is their secret?!

Double post because I love you bitches/lack of food/lack of updates recently. Wednesday’s selfie was taken at Modern Pop Culture.

Romper – H&M

Romper lovin’ all day everyday. It was a bit windy that day so prime choice if I do say so myself.

Wedges – Aldo

I’m that girl that bothers to wear high heels on their day off from work.

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

I hate to inform you all that I don’t own these absolutely perfect vintage cat eye frame Ray Bans. I wish they were mine. I just like to put them on whenever I’m at Modern Pop Culture and pretend that they’re mine. They will be mine one day when I’m not broke and can splurge on pretty things again…


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