Pho Serious, Pho Sho’

Day off numero dos. All dolled up for a dinner date with some of my co-workers and other folks.

Dress – Forever 21

Pho-ever 21. Can’t stop won’t stop with all of the pho puns in today’s post.


Rockin’ the UO granny hat for a second day in a row. The cat eye sunglasses add a touch of sassy granny to today’s look. For not washing my hair for 2 days and half assing it with my curling iron, it looks kinda nice.


Met up at New Century Vietnamese Restaurant in the Northside for some pho. I went with a number 19, pho noodles with steak. Sorry for not getting anything crazy. I haven’t had pho since I was in NYC months ago. My very first pho experience was 3 years ago in San Francisco and I’ve been hooked ever since. I need to stop forgetting that this restaurant exists. You can’t go wrong with a big ass bowl of noodles for roughly $6 or $7. But seriously, whether or not you’ve ever had pho, check this place out.



No this isn’t from yesterday, I did go to Roji’s, again. Went with the other new flavor that I didn’t get last night, the green apple bubble tea. And my all time fave cinnamon cookies. As much as I love passion fruit, I think I enjoyed the green apple a little more. I could make a silly comment about how I need to not come here so often, but instead I’ll just state how I should come here more often. I’ve got less than a month left in the cuse so I need to make good use of my time by drinking as much bubble tea as possible!



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