Crazy For You


Day off numero uno. I had awesome plans that fell through incredibly hard. The practical thing to do is get dressed up and make other awesome plans am I right or am I right?

Skirt – Forever 21

Let’s be honest, my clothes are pretty basic in general – which isn’t a bad thing at all.


Heels – Aldo

I love these shoes to death don’t get me wrong. But I hate hate hate the awkward peep toe! It looks terrible because these are actually a size too big. They only fit thanks to Aldo’s handy dandy shoe inserts.

Ring – Modern Pop Culture

Buuut let’s reflect upon the fact that my accessories kick all sorts of ass. This used to be a broach and now it’s a pretty sweet ring. Borrowing it, but I don’t think I want to give it back (don’t worry I will, I’m not a complete dick). It’s way too precious.


Hat – Mint by Goorin, Urban Outfitters

Collar – Modern Pop Culture

My bestie’s boyfriend picked this out for me while we were browsing around. I remember admiring it the last time I was there and it happened to be on sale this time around. $7 for a totes adorbs hat? Yes please. I’m crazy for my granny hat.


Third wheeling Had a dinner date with my lovely bestie and his awesome boyfriend at Sakana Ya to make up for my fail-tastic day earlier.  Steamed shrimp shumai is all sorts of yummy. I need to learn to be patient and let them cool down. Burning the roof of my mouth isn’t as fun as it sounds.


Spicy shrimp roll. That is all.


Fruit roll, oh fruit roll. This was the first exotic roll I ever tried. It’s basically a california roll with mango on top served with strawberries and kiwi. I know it sounds weird at first but it tastes like heaven. If you’re feeling adventurous and wanna splurge a bit but don’t want to get too crazy then by all means om nom nom on this beauty.

We ended our little get together at Roji Tea Lounge. Having tea while wearing a granny straw hat makes you feel a little more lady like in case anyone was wondering. I noticed there were some new bubble tea flavors on the menu so I strayed away from my usual fave taro and ordered a passion fruit. I love passion fruit with a passion. Seriously. It’s also been awhile since I’ve had green tea cookies and just look at that adorable leaf shaped plate! Isn’t it to die for?!




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