Birthday Party and Bullshit

Being social and acting my age for once. Shocker of the century. Celebrated a friend’s birthday in Westcott over the weekend.

Shorts – Modern Pop Culture

Borrowing this for a little while. I’ll eventually buy it because it’s the smallest pair of custom shorts at store. My friend says these sorts look like the sky. Sky Jorts. They’re gonna be a BFD.

Boots – Aldo

Combat boots in the summer because it makes sense. But no really these give any outfit a touch of “don’t fuck with me.”

Shirt – H&M

Collar – Modern Pop Culture

Of course I had to borrow a collar too. I might have to buy this one too eventually. That way I can have a pretty girly one and a bad ass one.

I attempted a smokey eye. I don’t think I’m doing it right or they just don’t look good on me. Or maybe I’ve just forgotten how I look with regular eyeliner since I don’t wear it as much. Anyways someone tell me how to do a proper smokey eye por favor!

No food pictures today. I did eat some totes delish pizza from Dorian’s but I was having too much “fun” to be patient and snap a quick shot before I devoured my slices (wiiink.) So here’s a picture of me playing dress up at the store before I went out.

I believe the studded bustier is another custom piece. It looks awesome on and because instagram just makes everyone look babelicious. Unfortunately it didn’t fit me perfectly because I’m a member of the itty bitty titty committee. I’m actually running for president of the itty bitty titty committee in this year’s election.

P.S. this is up on the store’s Instagram account, which you should all follow or at least check out sometime! (mpcclothing) There will be some cool stuff on it soon that aren’t just me derping around and playing dress up.


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