What I Wore:

My days are starting to blend together into one giant blur. I think I took this on Saturday?

Top – H&M

Skirt – Forever 21

I think I was going for amazon jungle secretary that day. Bitches don’t mess with that shit.

Shoes – Vintage

Flo was cleaning while I was getting ready for work and found these lovelies in the back of her closet. With they help of my trusty shoe inserts they fit like a charm! They even click and clack like crazy. I’m so in love. P.S Instagram makes my legs look phenomenal.

What I ate:

I’ve literally been surviving off of this and mall food all weekend. Like, I probably shouldn’t be this skinny. As soon as I get home I grab this, a spoon, and have a solo cuddle sesh with this and Netflix while dreading the rest of the week’s shifts.

For lack of food pictures lately, here have some more semi-personal tidbits!

– I got an internship because I’m fucking awesome! I’m a PR intern at Modern Pop Culture in Armory Square. I’m pretty excited about getting shit done and having a great time.

– I got paid yesterday…which means I can afford new shit soon so be on the look out! Well, unless I fucked up my paycheck. Apparently my bank is closed on Saturdays so I went to the giant fancy machine at my bank and I let it eat my check because it said I could do that. I really really really hope I didn’t just loose a couple hundo. I’d literally cry my eyes out. I want to buy brand new pretty things so bad!!!

And uh, I have nothing else to say. So here, have a selfie that I obnoxiously took at Barnes and Noble. I bought a copy of The Great Gatsby in case anyone was curious.


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