Forever Sushi

What I Wore:

Today’s awkward mirror shot is at Urban Outfitters in Armory Square! I hung out with some of my old co-workers/friends from Forever 21 and we ventured around the usual spots in the area. I was running late so I figured I’d do all of my fashion pictures while we were out.

Top – Forever 21

Skirt- Forever 21

A Forever 21 reunion wouldn’t be complete without a Forever 21 outfit obviously.

Bracelet – Betsey Johnson

Christmas present from Moe and Flo and one of the few bangles that actually stays on my wrist! You guys don’t understand how rare that is for me.

Gotta love my friends who all have instagram. Look how fierce my ex-manager is! My fave compliments of the day were that I looked like a harajuku girl and Audrey Hepburn – aka the ultimate compliment you could ever give me. Japanese fashion was one of the first things to inspire me to get interested in fashion. Audrey Hepburn is my favorite style icon of all time. That woman just oozed class. I often times ask myself: What Would Audrey Do?

What I Ate:

We had dinner at Sakana Ya in Armory Square, my absolute favorite sushi place in all of Syracuse! I usually take my sushi loving out of towners or my friends who want to try finally try sushi to this place. This was my first time back here since I’ve been home. What’s more awesome than sushi coming at you on a conveyor belt in restaurant that looks more like a spaceship than a restaurant?! I also love that it can cater to your budget thanks to the handy dandy price by plate color deal. I have many happy memories here, I will always love the shit out of you Sakana Ya!

P.S. that super cool lady in the photo with me also has a wordpress blog – spacevagabond! Go check it out and learn something. She blogs about super cool crazy science stuff! She’s like a lady version of Bill Nye the science guy.

Roll numero uno – Spicy shrimp.

I know they call it something different but that’s basically what it is. Whenever I get spicy rolls, they’re usually not that spicy. Except for Sakana Ya spicy rolls! When they say it’s spicy, it’s definitely spicy. Many years ago, I think I was on a date once and he ate enough spicy rolls to make his nose bleed. HIS MOTHERFUCKING NOSE BLED FROM SPICY SUSHI. So yeah, spicy rolls, they don’t disappoint.

Roll numero dos – California Roll

Welp I’m on a budget, still hungry, and needed to cool my mouth off. Good ole dependable California roll. Thanks for always being my go-to roll and totes delish no matter what. I really wish I had more money to splurge on the prettier, crazier, more exotic rolls though 😦

Final dish – Seaweed Salad

Still on a budget and still hungry. Seaweed salads usually fill me up which is why I usually wait until I after I eat sushi to grab a plate. It has a nice little kick to it in its after taste. But beware getting these babies stuck in between your teeth! I usually avoid seaweed salad if I’m on a date here. I find myself constantly checking out my reflection in the many shiny surfaces they have to make sure I don’t look like a dental hot mess.

Annnd Desert – Green tea mochi ice cream

I split this with Alexa because she’s never tried it before annnd she loved it! Mochi ice cream is one of my all time favorite Japanese snacks of all time. Which is saying a lot since I basically grew up on Japanese and various other imported Asian snacks. In fact, I think I love mochi ice cream more than actual mochi.



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  1. Love your top and yup – ❤ Sushi too!!

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