Litas and Cherry Dips

What I Wore:

It was a JC Lita kinda day. Everyday should be a JC Lita day.

Romper – Urban Outfitters

Next to dresses, rompers are one of my favorite things to wear in the summer. It’s all the fun of a dress minus the potential chance of your underwear being exposed to the world. I think this was my very first purchase at Urban Outfitters too.

Vest – Forever 21

I need more summer vests. Summer vests are kind of useless if you think about it but they’re totes adorbs with the right outfit.

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell Litas,

I’ve been in lust with Litas for well over a year. They’re crazy fierce and surprisingly comfortable. These were a Valentine’s Day present from an ex. I bought him a pair of super sweet Onitsuka Tigers and I guess he returned the favor with these pretties. Ugh, I need another pair of Jeffrey Campbells asap. Officially addicted.

What I ate/drank:

I met up with some friends at Sweet Treats. While waiting in line, my one friend kept ranting and raving about syrup dip. As an ice cream lover I figured I’d give it a shot. I got a chocolate vanilla twist with a cherry dip. And it was ah-may-zinggg! A little messy but super yummy nonetheless. I need to do dips more often.

Afterwards, we headed next door over to Heid’s for soda. Even though I didn’t indulge in one of their totes delish hot dogs, I did gulp down a birch beer. For those of you who don’t know what birch beer it’s basically root beer on crack made by Amish people. It tastes exactly like those little root beer barrel candies. I wish I could drink it all year round.




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4 responses to “Litas and Cherry Dips

  1. Meggie


  2. I see your tie dye sock under there you aint foolin me

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