Biker Girl

Hope everyone had a fab memorial day! Special shout out to all of the brave ladies and gentlemen that protect our country. Americaaa – fuck yeahhh!

And let’s back to the fashion and foods.

I got tired of being lazy and cooped up in my room over the weekend so I figured I’d head out to the park for a bike ride.

What I Wore:

Celina rule number 12: Every activity I do requires a cute outfit. No Excuses.

Tank top – Forever 21

Bandeau – Aerie

Sneakers – Converse

Once upon a time, back in my dark ages (aka middle school) the only shoes I wore were Converse. I remember my first pair fondly. They were a pair of black and pink high tops white black and white checkered shoe laces. I used to have a pretty dope collection filled with crazy colors and weird prints. Even though I’ve graduated from sneakers to heels and various other girly uncomfortable shoes, Converse will always hold a special place in my heart.

Leather backpack – Aldo

I used to travel between Syracuse to NYC a ton and figured I might as well invest in a backpack. Unfortunately this one isn’t the ideal travel/school bag. I can stuff a few clothes in there if I strategically fold them. It can hold a 5 subject notebook though. It’s perfect for carrying basic everyday essentials at least! And it’s just totes adorbs. Looks like I’ll still have to drop some money on a backpack big enough to lug around my laptop.

Bicycle – Trek

Can we all just take a moment to admire how freakin’ cute my bike is?! Mint green with cognac leather seat and handles…and a bell?! Before I rode around town in that red Mazda 3 you see in the background – my parents gave me this bike when I was 15 after I got my first job. Biking is probably my favorite form of exercise next to aimlessly walking around. I enjoy exercise as long as it’s fun and interesting. You won’t catch me at the gym lifting weights with the bros while double fisting protein shakes. Someone should suggest some cool forms of exercise and sports! I’ll try to be as active as possible when and if I get a job.

What I ate:

You guys probably think my veins are just filled with ice cream and sugar (that’s actually partially true.) I swear I eat other food. But seriously though, I went a little too hard on my first bike ride months. Before my legs snapped in half I sped over to Sweet Treats – which is conveniently next to the park. I totally earned this chocolate chip cookie dough cone. By the way, it’s probably a super bad thing that I live near 3 ice cream parlors. If ice cream-aholics anonymous existed, I’d probably be a member.


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