I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost

When I can’t think of a sassy or witty title, I usually resort to song lyrics. But really though, I have certainly loved and lost in every aspect of my life. Welp anyways – back to the fashion and food.

What I wore:

Friday nights are for dressing like hippies, getting work done at Starbucks, and watching silly shitty movies with friends.

Lace tank top – ???

Maxi skirt -Vintage

I’m terrible with remembering where I buy my basics. The skirt belonged to my mom when she was my age. Luckily for me she was the same size as I was back then too.

Sandals – Aldo

These are the most impossible sandals to wear. Or maybe I’m just really bad at tying them. At least they look good.

What I ate:

Close up shot of a birthday cake friz-b (Did I even spell that right? oh well it’s a tasty blended ice cream thing.) Yeah, this is probably something a child would order but I’m into weird childish flavors – especially when it comes to ice cream. The sprinkle to ice cream and cake ratio was insane. The bits of cake that I did get to eat tasted like someone actually dumped a whole cake in there. For someone who’s eaten plenty of birthday cake flavored snacks, I appreciated it.

For those of you that have been reading for a while now, you all know of my terrible financial/unemployed issues at the moment. Luckily I have awesome friends who pay me in ice cream when I drive around. I just need to wander around town and hold up a sign that says “will work for ice cream (and sometimes money)” and just hope for the best.


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