Finally, You Put My Love On Taupe

I’m too broke to go out lately. To make up for lack of food, I’ll just do a double fashion post. And wearing taupe 2 days in a row inspired this awesome title.

What I Wore On Monday:

Rocking the casual Monday look on day 29374932874 of summer job hunting.

Tank top – Forever 21

Taupe and lace, lace and taupe, totes perf much?

Jeans – ???

Shoes – Aldo

I got these while I was in the Philippines. Basic taupe slip-ons are amazing classy casual comfy shoes.

This was my millionth attempt at a beehive. I learned this great beehive tutorial from . It supposedly takes 2 mins to do and all you need is dirty hair and a ton of bobby pins! No teasing, curling, or whatever else needed. It is incredibly easy to do, but I don’t think it works too well with my hair. It looked nice for about an hour, until I left the house and a gust of wind knocked a couple bobby pins out. I won’t give up on this beehive up-do!

What I Wore on Tuesday:

Okay, less taupe but at least I’m more dressed up. Got lots of lovely compliments on this one during day bajillion and a half of my job hunt. Hopefully I’ll be unforgettable 🙂

Cardigan – Forever 21

Shorts – Forever 21

I love these shorts. period.

Shoes – Aldo

I almost wore thick thigh highs with these which would’ve been equally as cute, buuut it was way too muggy outside. But I still had to get my socks and wing tips fix, thank god for this thin ankle pair.

Collar – Vintage

Thrifted this collar from Modern Pop Culture in Armory Square. I realize I could probably DIY collars myself, but the embroidery on this one is way too cute and one of a kind!  Expect to see this collar (and hopefully more) in future posts. Speaking of Modern Pop Culture, while I was there I spotted a table full of custom made dye dipped denim shorts. I didn’t have enough to buy a pair but I’ll definitely have to head back for some asap.

I can’t stand being a job huntress anymore! I need to just stab an awesome summer job and then mount it on my wall over the fire place. Wish me luck on my upcoming interviews so I can buy pretty things and eat at nice places again xoxo



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