Lazy Sundae

Sunny Sundays are the best kind of Sundays.

What I wore:

Dress – Forever 21

I can’t believe I’ve only had this blog for a little over a week now. It’s made me realize one thing so far – I own WAYYY too many clothes from Forever 21. I’ve shopped there since I was 13, and I became an employee there when I was about 18. You guys do the math. Not my fault they sell adorable and affordable clothes that I’m constantly surrounded by. Every other store I love is usually out of my price range. As soon as I get a job I’ll switch it up a bit.

Shoes – Vintage

I thrifted these beauties on Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. I wish I could remember the name of the store. I need to visit the west coast again super soon!


Both of these rings were birthday presents. The diamond ring (left) was my 18th birthday present from my parents. The infinity ring (right) is Tiffany & Co. and was given to me by my ex-boyfriend for my 20th birthday. They have lovely taste. 🙂

Sometimes I can do things other than cat eye eyeliner.  I think this counts as a purple smokey eye? I really need to learn some make-up lingo and other tricks. I also attempted a side braid. I have long hair, but it’s layered which makes it difficult to braid evenly. It just needs to grow out a bit longer.

What I ate/drank:

I grabbed a venti passion iced tea and head over to the park to sit out and read. It was a good choice until I almost melted in the sun.

After an hour and a half and another uneven tan later, I decided to head to the nearest air conditioned Starbucks for another refill. I drank and read in air conditioned peace.

Sometimes Denny’s likes to close their kitchen and only serve dessert. Luckily for me all I wanted was desert and it’s the build your own sundae was the only thing I could afford. 2 scoops of chocolate and strawberry, Oreo cookie pieces, hot fudge, and whipped cream. Dinner of champions.


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  1. love those vintage shoes.. I love going to the flea market every weekend to find vintage goodies! come check out my fashion/lifestyle blog –

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