Nautical By Nature

I was forced to spend my afternoon in a Hobby Lobby. There were only two ways for me to turn that day around: Panera and a solo movie date. P.S. The Avengers is wonderful. I want all of them.

What I wore:

Today’s mirror picture is brought to you by Hobby Lobby! The lady behind me was sooo pissed that I stopped to take a picture at every single mirror.

Shirt – Forever 21

Shorts – Forever 21

I should be on a boat. I should get boat shoes. I should need more friends with boats.

Scarf – Clutch

I own too many scarves. But I don’t own enough lightweight ones. This needs to change.

What I ate:

As a reward for surviving an afternoon in Hobby Lobby, I had Panera for dinner. The freshness of this lemonade deserved its own solo photo in the sun.

Caesar salad and a swiss, ham, tomato, and lettuce sandwich on rye. I did choose a baguette, because you know how Panera does it. Too bad my parents got to it while I went to the bathroom. I’m over it. I always doubt the amount of salad dressing they give me in that tiny little cup. It somehow does the job. When the cashier asked me if I wanted mayo or mustard on my sandwich I said neither. She looked at me like I was insane. Sorry I hate mayo and that I’m not a fan of mustard on its own. Yeah, I’m that kind of person.

And for desert, strawberries! They were gigantic and the perfect ripeness. Some chocolate would’ve been phenomenal but I can’t have it all. I’m perfectly happy with perfect strawberries all on their own.


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