Summer Bangs

The most interesting to happen to me on Thursdays was getting my hair cut. Nothing crazy, just fringe-y straight across bangs and a trim. I’m not the type of girl that can pull off anything that interesting. Every time I tried to do something, it failed miserably.

Some of my past hair faux pas include:

– The stereotypical Asian kid bowl cut. Welp, that one wasn’t really my fault but I still had to live with it.

– Corn rows for like an hour of my life one summer as a kid. I let my babysitter play with my hair, and all hell broke loose. I just remember my scalp being on fire and my parents being confused as fuck.

– Blonde highlights. I was like, 13 aka the one year of my life I’d like to entirely erase.

– The Snooki hair bump. I did it wayyy before the show began. Which would then make me cool? Wait no, nope, doing a shitty hairstyle before a shitty show made a popular does not make me cool.

– Cellophane hair treatment. I went to the Philippines when I was 17 and we went to some hair salon. Obviously, it costs less to do fancy hair treatments over seas so my mom forced me into it. It’s basically supposed to make your hair incredibly shiny. My scalp was on fucking fire and it didn’t do shit.

– Scrunching my hair incorrectly. Didn’t know that you had to wait for your hair to dry out a little bit before adding hair gel. My hair looked and felt like icicles. I’ve finally learned better.

– Accidentally discovering ombre hair before it was cool. I was trying to go from jet black back to brunette and the bleaching process went horribly wrong. Since this happened before the ombre trend, it just looked like shit.

So yeah, natural brunette, semi-long length, and bangs for life it is. I’ve also been getting my hair cut by the same lady since I was 14 (Crystal at Xquisite Designs in North Syracuse.) She’s never fucked up my hair, most of my hair dye follies have resulted from not going to her. We have had many interesting conversations about life and other shit over the years. Apparently, I’m one of her fave younger customers  (and no, I’m positive she doesn’t say that to everyone because I’m special goddammit!) which is nice because she’s obvi my fave Syracuse hair dresser. But, enough about my hair.

What I Wore:

I like baby doll dresses. I like them a lot.

Dress – Forever 21

This is one of the few clothes from Forever 21 that have lasted for over 5 years. What a trooper.

Shoes – Uh, some boutique in the Philippines

Trips to the Philippines = massive shopping sprees. I honestly can’t remember the name of the store since I bought them 4 years ago. Another mystery is the fruit print on them. Are they yellow apples, or lemons? I do know that these shoes are totes adorbs.

Ring – Forever 21

Earrings – ???

Ugh, the picture quality sucks but it’s a daisy! I found them in a random box full of other jewelry I’ve long forgotten about.

Sunglasses – Forever 21

My iTouch’s camera quality was being crappier than usual that day. There’s a floral print on the frames.

What I drank:

I drove around town all day while my gas light was on. Therefore, I couldn’t eat anything more interesting than leftovers or hang out with anyone. I cashed in my free Starbucks drink card and had a lovely solo coffee date that night. Wrote 4 scenes in about 2 hours while running on a Venti caramel macchiato with soy and an extra shot of espresso. And yes, that’s Hello Giggles in the background. And yes, Tumblr was also in the background at some point too. Look at all the shit that’s getting done thanks to free caffeinated drinks!



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  1. Pic #2 is very well done and very pretty

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