Swiss miss doll and waffles

Still unemployed. Still broke. Still can’t think of a cool way to title my posts. Still awesome. Still loving life.

What I wore:

Today, I finally got off my lazy ass and did some job hunting. So I figured I have to look as adorable as possible because who wouldn’t want to work with an adorable tiny little lady? There are lots of ways to describe today’s outfit. Like the swiss miss girl’s distant Asian cousin circa 1950s/1960s. Or Zooey Deschanel’s adopted Asian relative.

Tank top – Forever 21

Skirt – H&M

My tank top is made of some sheer material. According to my Tumblr dashboard, it’s the hip cool thing to be able to see your bra through these sheer tops. But in my case, I had to put another tank top underneath because I figured it’d be crazy inappropriate to have my future employees have visual access to my bra. Welp – that could also help me get me hired *wink wink* buuut every person that I had to speak to today was a lady. Just my luck.

Tights – Gap

Flats – Forever 21

My favorite part about these shoes is that the straps are removable. Sadly they’re starting to fall apart after 6 years of wearing them.

Necklace – Topshop

This is my absolute favorite necklace. I bought it at the Topshop in Soho last summer when I was visiting someone. A typewriter necklace is very fitting for a writer 🙂

Ring – Forever 21

Nail polish – Goldie, baby pink

I have incredibly skinny fingers so it’s hard for me to buy rings that aren’t custom fitted. This sucks because I love statement rings. As you continue to follow my blog, you’ll realize that I’m a complete nail polish fanatic. I probably have 10 different shades of pink. I’m also long over due for a proper mani/pedi and an awesome nail design.

Purse – Coach

I bought this as a present to myself when I turned 19. It can pretty much hold everything – except my laptop unfortunately.


I love braiding my hair but it’s barely noticeable since my hair is so dark. This is incredibly easy to do. learned how to do these milkmaid braids by watching the The Beauty Department’s tutorial on YouTube in case anyone was interested.

What I ate:

“You know what, I think I’m in the mood for pizza and wings.” said my mom Flo. My heart fucking did a back flip. It’s a Wednesday. She only considers ordering out on a Friday. I am in a pizza and wings mood 24/7. She had a coupon for OIP, Original Italian Pizza, in the village. Nothing fancy but hey coupons are awesome. I managed to get home in time while everything was still super fresh and steamy. I rank pizza like this: awesome, crazy awesome, motherfucking awesome, Omfg this was probably rolled around in crack and unicorn magic awesome. Pizza is the only thing is my life that will never disappoint me.

My friends and I headed down to Funk N Waffles near Marshall St. for Wednesday’s open mic night. Open mic night is always a hit or miss – it’s either elbow to elbow packed or incredibly dead. Typical acts usually consist of comics, poets, and musicians. There’s always at least one cute boy with a guitar. Always. I’ve always considered Funk N Waffles to be one of the coolest places to hang out at in Syracuse. It’s literally underground and they serve waffles. What about that isn’t cool?

I split a brownie waffle sundae with my friend because no one can finish those on their own. Unless they haven’t ate all day or have a black hole for a stomach. Since I’m basically the only person in my group of friends that has a car, my services are usually paid in food and/or drinks. Because let’s be honest – even if I asked for gas money that money would have probably gone towards something edible. But, back to the lovely brownie waffle sundae. It was overcooked a bit tonight. I had to saw through it with a knife. Brownie waffle sundaes needs to be soft enough for me to sleep on. However, it was still a chocolaty sweet delicious thang. Aside from pizza, chocolate is the only other thing that I can rely on.

I guess this Wednesday was a wasted Wednesday for me after all – a CHOCOLATE wasted Wednesday! Whenever it’s late at night and my friends and still don’t want to go home, we can always rely on Denny’s. At least 74% of these food posts will take place at a Denny’s just to warn ya’ll. Since I’m still incredibly broke and stuffed from that massive brownie waffle sundae I decided to continue my chocolate binge and splurged a whopping $3 on a chocolate milkshake. A milkshake is probably the last thing a lactose intolerant girl like myself should be drinking but, YOLO. Tastes so good and feels sooo bad 2 hours later. But like I said, YOLO. Thanks Drake and Lil Wayne.


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