Tribal prints, sushi dates, and dinosaurs.

Let’s be honest, Tuesdays are the most boring day of the week. Everyone collectively hates Mondays, Wednesday is the hump of the week, Thursday is pre-weekend or thirsty Thursday for the college kids, and bam the weekend is just 100% enjoyable. I have managed to try and make Tuesdays awesome with Tuesday Boozeday. It’s ok to drink on any day of the week as long as it has a cute name (Sunday Funday, erm Monday sucks enough so it’s ok to drink that day, TUESDAY BOOZEDAY, wasted wednesday, thirsty Thursday, and welp Friday & Saturday are just self explanatory.) Ok ok ok, I don’t drink on EVERY single Tuesday, but if I’m not drinking then someone else better be. Tuesday boozeday – it’s gonna be a thing. Spread the word.

Unfortunately I am still unemployed and incredibly broke so no Tuesday boozeday this week šŸ˜¦ So the next best thing to make Tuesdays enjoyable are getting together with my fellow bored friends!

What I wore:

Ā  Ā Ā Ā 

Knit sweater – Forever 21

Romper – Forever 21

Purse – H&M

Overall this outfit makes me feel like a tribal hippie. And it’s just so goddamn comfy!

Sandals – Aldo

These are some awesome statement sandals. P.S. those aren’t cool anklets, those are attached to my sandals!

Bracelet/Ring – H&M

Hands down (no pun intended) the coolest bracelet I own. Bracelets are hard for me to pull off because I have sticks for wrists. I can only wear chain bracelets, and the plus side to this one is that it’s attached to my finger which make it impossible for it to slip off!

I’m not sure if my hair sucks, or if I just suck at making buns…oh well it won’t stop me from throwing my hair up into one.

Okay be honest, do these sunglasses make me look like a bitch or do I just have a bitch face? Maybe cat eye frames are supposed to create the illusion of a bitch face. I could use some extra sass and fierceness anyways. I’m completely okay with this.

What I ate:

I met up with my friends aka my ex roomie and my future roomie at Carousel mall. We all happen to work there or live incredibly close to it. And I should be honest, my life has kind of revolved around a mall since I was 13. I’ve evolved from a teeny bopper mall rat to mall employee. Anyways – we went to Koto for some sushi. So far Koto is one of the best sit down restaurants in the mall. It’s fairly fancy compared to everything else and their prices are pretty cheap.

I ordered an Angel Hair roll (left) that had shrimp tempura, cream cheese, andĀ avocado inside with crab meat, eel sauce, and spicy mayo on the top. Basically it was a super shrimp tempura roll (which is one of my all time faves.) I’m usually not a fan of cream cheese in my sushi. But since there was so much else going on I didn’t really notice it. And of course, whenever I decide to try something new I always order a back up roll that I know I’ll love. You can call me lame butĀ CaliforniaĀ rolls are among my favorite sushi rolls.

Of course since I’m a mall employee and basically know everyone who works there, one of my friends who’s a bus boy at Koto invited me to Dinosaur BBQ to go listen to his friend perform Ā after his shift (P.S. go check out Ben Fiore, he’s pretty awesome.) Let’s be honest, I was born and raised in Syracuse – Dinosaur BBQ was going to get brought up sooner or later. Gotta love the rough and tough biker gang atmosphere. The whole “I’m gonna kick your ass if you even look at my old lady” biker attitude is pretty contagious. Even little old cream puff me feels tougher while I hang around here.

Even my broke ass was able to afford something crazy delish. You really can’t go wrong with a pulled pork sandwich. It already came with their special BBQ sauce, but I drowned it in more of it anyways. It’s that damn good. I probably looked like a crazed carnivore biting into this smoky, lovely, porky goodness.


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