Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Mother’s day to all the hard working baby mama’s all across the planet. I hope everyone had a lovely time with their families today.

I love my crazy, hilarious, wonderful Filipino mother Flo to bits and pieces. She is an amazing cook and has exposed me to exotic foods at an early age. She also helped spark my interest in fashion as well as help me finance it from time to time. All sappyness aside – without her, I’d probably be a completely different person today. (daughter speech of the century right here folks.)

Last year, Mother’s day was the weekend before move out day which means we didn’t get to spend it together. Luckily, I came home just in time. I gave my dad an idea for a gift and let him take over from there (in case anyone’s interested, we framed some fancy photos of us from a wedding we all recently attended because we look ridiculously good looking when we’re all dressed up together.)

My dad decided to make reservations at the local Outback Steakhouse for lunch. Not what I had in mind, but then again I just came home from college. I don’t think I’ve seen a steak in months. Anything sounds delicious compared to student union food and all of the crappy half ass meals I’ve made in a microwave all semester.

What I wore:

Dress – Forever 21

Heels – Aldo

Purse – Coach

There’s nothing that I don’t love about this dress. It’s mint green, floral print, has a peter pan collar, and only cost $10! I swear it’s much cuter when it’s not all wrinkly. This is what happens when I sit down for over 30 minutes doing my hair in make up in a dress. I’ve had these cross strapped mary janes since high school, I’d love them even more if they didn’t have the awkward peep toe. I appreciate the ventilation, but only one toe ever peeps out. Then again, these shoes are actually a size too big – until I invested in a pair of terry cloth insoles (which I highly recommend by the way.) As for my handy dandy Coach purse, I thrifted this beauty at Modern Pop Culture in Armory Square last summer for around $40. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

“Wow you look nice. Too bad we’re just going to Outback Steakhouse.” – Flo

“And your point is?” – Me

I’ve had this same conversation with my mother anytime I’ve left the house since I was about 15. Some things will never, ever change.

Sunglasses – Forever 21

I’ve been lusting after a pair of cat eye sunglasses for quite some time in order to complete my sunglasses collection. They make me feel like a diva, and probably make me look a little bitchy – but that’s not always a bad thing.

Cat eye eyeliner is the only cool make up trick I know. Cat eye, mineral foundation, neutral eye shadow, mascara, blush, and matte fucshia lip stain = my typical everyday make up routine. I typically buy everything from Sephora. The eyeliner is Revlon brand though. I’m the idiot who spilled the entire thing of Urban Decay liquid eyeliner while getting ready one day. For a drug store brand, it’s not too bad. It kind of remind me of a sharpie marker which allows you to draw it on easily. The only con is that you have to draw over it a couple times to get it to show up. I’ve also gotten A LOT better at curling my hair.

Shoes – Urban Outfitters

Post Mother’s day lunch Flo and I took a walk around Onondaga Lake Park which meant I had to switch my shoes out. Although I have a no-fucks-given attitude about where I wear certain outfits, I’m not completely insane. These mary janes are crazy comfy and made of some light weight material. They’re totes adorbs and all, but left an awkward tan line…

What I ate:

Oh Outback Steakhouse, you and your Australian theme and your Australian decor. Jazz lounge covers of all the mainstream hits blasting from your speakers. We were surrounded by everyone and their mother (literally.). Our server was adorable, bubbly, and chipper – thank goodness. Everyone else looked kinda miserable. But obviously with any chain restaurant they try to fill you up with bread. A little loaf of pumpernickel arrived with a knife jabbed into it. After cutting into it, they kinda turned into little squishy balls of bread. They were kinda tasty little squishy balls of bread at least.

New England clam chowder is among my all time favorite soups. Why would I pick the other choice of soup of this one? The other could be made of unicorn glitter and childhood memories but I’d obvz choose ole’ reliable New England clam chowder. There was nothing too fancy about this cup of clam chowder. I would’ve liked it more if there were more clams in this chowder. The bits of clam that I did bite into were good. Aside from that it was creamy enough for me.

It is incredibly rare when my family and I all order the same entree. We were probably the easiest order those chefs had to deal with all day. Aren’t we wonderful? We all ordered the Victoria’s filet with crab cakes. The crab cakes were a bit salty at first. Drowning them in lemon juice did the trick and they were delightful. They kept crumbling and I couldn’t get enough of it into the mystery dipping sauce they provided. I’m sure it was delicious, sorry Outback. I typically order my steaks medium rare – because I’m a mother fucking carnivore. The steak wasn’t bad at all. Being given a dull blunt butter knife to cut it with was incredibly bad. That’s like giving Picasso a box of crayons to get shit done. And not the big box full of colors with weird specific names like tickle me pink – no, the basic box of crayons that have been used and chewed on a little bit. My looks may be deceiving but I can totally handle a big girl knife. I eventually got pissed off halfway through the steak and boxed it. I have scrawny little arms, sawing away at that slab of meat took a lot out of me. I reheated it the next day and cut it up with the proper tools.

For some crazy reason Flo thought it’d be a good idea to go on a 3+ mile walk right after lunch. It was a beautiful day and it’s mother’s day, I can’t say no. It was a delightful walk and I’m pretty sure we worked off whatever calories we put on that day. Well, until we drove by Vicky’s. This delicious establishment is right outside of my neighborhood. I have many fond memories of dangerously crossing Electronics Blvd. on my bike just to go. I had to go by this place on my way to my first summer job every single day. How could a 14 year old girl resist ice cream after biking her ass off in the heat? I still drive here by myself and have lonely frozen treat parties in my car.

My face looks sketched out but on the inside I was pretty stoked on having my first ice cream of the summer. A chocolate vanilla twist is always a good choice. I’m indecisive as shit. I can’t stare at menus for a long time or else I’ll freak out and die. During long awkward exchanges at the window full of “uhhhhs” and wide eyed stares I just instinctively blurt out chocolate vanilla twist. I never ever regret it. Some day I’ll switch it up. Some day.


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